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My people are being destroyed from a lack of knowledge

January 31, 2008

This is a quote from the bible and though it may have been recorded years ago, the message may still be true today.  Let me explain.
    It doesn’t take much reaeach to notice that we, in North America, have lots of disease and unhealthy, overweight people.  I am sure each of you can think of at least one peron you know that suffers from cancer, diebetes, or the liKe. Perhaps it is yourself.  There are so many people.  But what causes it. 
    I believe there are many factors an I am not writing to discuss that now.  I want to make you aware of this major health crisis.  I want to opem your eyes to the millions who are suffering.
    I dont know what sort of faith or religous beliefs you have but i dont think it matters zmuch.  These are the facts and I really don’t think the majority of you reading this believe that this is “Just the way things are supposed to be”.  There must be a better way!! And there is….

“My people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge”.

That is why you are reading this.  This is the purpose you are here.  I want to share with you the Truth about health.  It is important that I emphazise TRUTH.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses out there who provide false information to make a profit. There are hundreds of diets out there and they all contradict one another. Count you calories, eat protien only, eat carbs only, eat for your blood type…it is all baloney!!!!…how can you choose what do you believe.  It starts with knowlegde. 
    I have dedicated my like to researching and sharing the TRUTH about health.  In the following blogs I will shating knowledge and truth with you.  This will amaze you, suprise you, and if you open your mind, will change your life.  I will be sharing from my wealth of resources at Hallelujiah Acres.  This will include teachings on different topics such as diet, exercise, rets..ect plus giving testimonies from people who have overcome life threatning
 diseases.  You will also get thousands of FREE recipees!

Look forward to tommorow where the subject will be cleansing.  Getting the good in and the bad out.

Have a happy healthy day


Your Health Minister

January 30, 2008

Hello All,

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Dean O. I am a trained Health Minister with Hallelujiah Acres. This means I have devoted my life and my time to studying and sharing information about health. The company has seen amazing results with so called “uncurable diseases” such as diabetes, cancer (all types), weight loss, depression, and even AIDS.. and so much more.

I am so excited about all this stuff. I have been a health minister for 3 years now will be holding a health seminar next week on the cruise ship where I work. I have been an entertainer most of my life and three years ago I came upon a health book that was very good and led me down a path that changed my life. It really affected me and my health and now I want to share this great news with everyone.

I have suffered from allergies. I have allergies to changes of season and dust and pollen. Also milk has been another culpret. Growing up I suffered from athsma as a result of some of these allergies which restricted my lung capacity and enjoyment of sports. I was always interested in health and when this teaching from Hallelujiah Acres came along, it was the only teaching about health that makes sense.

It is not another diet like South Beach , Atkins, or Weight Watchers. It is completely different becuase it way of living and understanding health that is the truth. These other diets all contradict the natual laws of health. Just as we will fall down if we jump off a cliff due to gravitaional pull, we will also get sick if we eat those things we are not supposed to eat. It is really simple.. but it is hard to follow becuase of all the other diets and propaganda in our society.

I want to be the person who helps you attain your fitness goals. All the problems that I had have gone away now. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been before and there are many others who have adopted the teaching in thier lives and have seen amazing results. I will be sharing these with you in my blogs. I devote lots of time to reading and studying health and will share this with you.

I look forward to seeing you here again and hope that you will take control of your health, regain the youthfullness that your self-healing body wants.
Have a Happy Healthy Day.

Hello world!

January 30, 2008

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