You are not Your Disease

I was watching Oprah last night when these words hit me like a ton of bricks. My wife and I started watching the best of Oprah including a segment on her trial against the state of Texas. The lesson that she learned is one that strikes a cord with my purpose and one that I really thought you should here.

I was going to write about cleansing but I thought it would be more important to write about this first. Oprah realized that this physical trial that she went through was similar to trials that all people go through in life. Her trial helped her to see that she was not the type of person that the prosecutors where telling her she was. Like Oprah we all go through many trials in our life. They may be with the law, in a relationship or even with our physical health. Some may be going through the trials of finding strength and wisdom on how to survive diseases such as cancer, diabetes, aids, ects… Others may be going through trials of temptation on staying away from a lifestyle that keeps them overweight or obese. It doesn’t matter what you are going through. The trial does not define who you are.

If you are being abused a relationship being told that you are useless not good enough. It takes courage and faith to realize that you are not those things. The same thing rings true with physical health problems. We are not our disease. Just because we struggle with too much weight, with allergies or high blood pressure it does not mean we are fat, special or diseased. We are who WE say we are!!! Perhaps it is easier to label ourselves as overweight, a victim to cancer, diabetes. It means we are part of a special group now, we can put a label and accept what we have. Now we are just waiting to die.

If we accept these thoughts we start committing our own suicide. That may be a strong statement but that is what it is. We may go to the doctor who treats our symptoms but in doing so destroys our bodies even more with drugs and treatments. Or we just accept that we are dying and keep living the unhealthy way we live. This way of thinking closes it’s eyes to the truth that there are ways to get better. It pushes those away who hold the key to life.

That is what I want to share with you. My prayer for you is that your eyes will be opened to the possibility that there is a way to regain your health. To take back your life from the grips of your disease. To give you hope in this confusing world run of health run by the greedy and ignorant. I don’t mean to judge or to be mean to anyone in the health profession, but just watch a movie like Sicko to get the tip of the ice burg of what goes on this the USA. There are many people who have changed their lives and what they put in their bodies and , as a result, have given themselves a second chance at life. They have taken health from the hands of the doctors and put it in their own. We should be the decision makers on how what we do about our bodies. It will take humility and forgiveness of oneself to admit we have been living unhealthy. I will be sharing some of these stories with you in the future and if you want to check some out now visit Have a happy healthy day!


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