Cleansing: Out with the Bad and In with the Good.

It takes two processes to start getting our bodies back in shape. Along with exercise we need to start the cleansing process. It consists of getting all the junk out of us and start putting those living foods into us. I want to explain a little about how this works in today’s writing.

On the subject of cleansing it is important to talk about the colon. Some say a healthy colon is a healthy body. Why? The colon is the passageway that our body uses to eliminate waste that has accumulated. Our food goes into our stomach , through the intestines and the colon and our of our body. It is very important that the colon stay clean as a whistle because toxins build up in a system that is clogged. These toxins are what create the atmosphere for cancerous or diseased cells to start growing. So let’s get these colon’s cleansed.

Cleaning the colon is more that just on one time shot. At first it most likely will be necessary to use a powerful cleanse to get it going and then we will want to use something to keep it regular. A great product is called Fiber Cleanse. This is used for 2-3 months and is purely organic and natural. Unlike products you can buy at the supermarket, such as Metamucil, this has no harmful preservatives or sugars. It won’t harm your body. After the treatment of Fiber Cleanse, then you will want to continue with organic ground flaxseed. Two tablespoons of ground flaxseed in a fruit smoothie or stirred in with water or juice is sufficient. My wife and I really enjoy making a fruit smoothie with frozen whole fruit, flax seed, udo’s oil (essential omega oils for the brain) and some apple or orange juice. Blend that all up and enjoy. You can purchase organic flaxseeds either whole or already ground from your local grocery. If you buy the whole flaxseeds, you will need to purchase a small coffee grinder ($10) and do it yourself. If you buy the already ground flax or “flax meal” you need to store it in the fridge.

So that is part of getting the bad stuff out. But it is important to understand where this bad stuff and build up comes from. The advertisement for Fiber Cleanse gives a wake up call about what crap is in your body. It tells about how the intestines are curves and folds of tissue that are filled with undigested and petrified food. For example, meat does not completely digest in the body (more about this later) and when it goes through the intestines it finds its way into the nooks and crannies. There it stays and rots.. Just the same as if you were to leave meat outside in the sun for days on end!! YUCK. This is the stuff that fiber cleanse will push out. The way it works is by scraping the lining of the walls of the intestines and moving along the crap all the way out. It may be a little uncomfortable at times.. But it does feel excellent when removed from the body in our bowel movements. People actually notice weight loss from this process of cleansing.
So this is one way we can get the bad stuff out.. And tomorrow I will continue with how we can change this pattern of build up by only eating foods that were intended to enter our body.

Have a happy healthy day.


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