Day of Rest

Today I wanted to write about the importance of rest in our lives regarding our health. With all the business of our life, we must treat ourselves to rest in order to restore health to our spirit, minds, and bodies. Let’s sit back relax and learn a little about …. REST.

Growing up I learned about what Christians call the Sabbath day. This is practiced as a day of rest where one does not work. I decided to adopt this into my life over the last few years and I really thank God for this idea. This is a great time for rejuvination and a day to have fun and do some stuff for me. What do I do?
Basically I say no to anything that feels like work. I do help people if need be on that day but If I have a choice of what to do I relax. It is a great time to reflect on the week and on life. A time to feel thankfulness and gratitude for the blessings that have come our way. I usually sleep in if I want to. Relax and watch tv. Meditate on scripture or an inspiring uplifting book. I may lay out in the sun or take a hot relaxing bath. Sometimes I treat myself to a massage. I don’t go to the gym but instead I may go the sauna or hot tub. So there are a few ideas but the main idea is to just rest , relax, and enjoy life.

Not everyone will be willing to take a day off. Although I strongly advise it, there are many other ways you can relax and rest. These can also be incorporated into our daily routines and throughout the day if we are feeling a little uptight or stressed. One exercise is deep breathing. Breath in and then exhale ALL of your air until you have no more left to blow. Then you will automatically take a long deep breath in. Do this about ten times and try it outside. Another idea is to do some gentle stretching after a hot bath. Hold each stretch for at least thirty seconds. Be creative with your relaxation and rest ideas.

So there are a few examples of how you can start to rest. I hope you will become aware of the importance of stress. I have learned that slowing down in life may actually make me more productive than trying to be a work-a-holic. Try it a little to test me out. A clear refreshed mind is so amazing to work with. Besides times of rest and solitude will regenerate your soul and heart and give you more energy to pursue your passions in life. SO get going… hurry up and… DO NOTHING!!!!

Have a Happy Healthy Day.!!


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