Cleansing: In with the Good

So a couple of days ago I shared the one part of cleansing that entails fiber cleanse. This week I would like to talk about what to put in the body. This will be an introduction to the Hallelujah Diet and lifestyle which is named that because so many people, after adopting this way of life, exclaim “Hallelujah” as they see their physical problems disappear. I will start with a brief point about the body and how it is self healing . The discussion will then move to the five bad foods and then a very brief outline of the good foods. I will get into more detail about all this as we carry on in the future, but lets get started.

Whether you believe in a creator or not, there is no doubt our bodies were made with self healing inside of them. The mechanism of self healing is called our immune system. You need a healthy immune system to help your body function properly and ward off toxic substances. In order to have a healthy immune system, you must use the correct building materials. LIVING ENZYMES from LIVING food. Our body is made up of trillions of cells and these cells die and replace at about 3,000,000 cells per minute. If we want a healthy body, we must replace those cells that die with living cells full of nutrition. This will build our immune system which starts the amazing process of self-healing.

Before we get to what sorts of foods give us all these great nutrients, I want to touch on the ones that do not. I will go into more detail about this as time goes on but at least you will have a starting point. There are 5 BAD food groups. They are:

1. All products derived from animal sources including meat, dairy and eggs

2. All white products; rice, pastas, and bread, refined sugar

3. Alcohol

4. Caffeine incl. Chocolate.

5. Table salt. (sea salt is good)

Now you may be thinking that list is all the food you eat. What can I have now? On this diet, which is complimented with exercise, you can have the following. The most important are live freshly extracted vegetable juices. You may also eat tones of RAW fruits and veggies. Limited amounts of RAW nuts, seeds, dates and figs are also great for you. Finally, you should have no more than 25% of the following cooked foods each day: veggies, potatoes, brown or whole grain rice, pasta and breads plus a variety of different foods.

Well I know that is a lot to digest (hehehe) in one day but I hope I have attracted your attention.

I am working on getting a great website of my own where you can get everything you need to transition to this diet.

Have a Happy Healthy Day


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