Juicing: Your Key To LIFE


3. Juicing: The Key To Life

This segment will be about the most important addition that you will need in your diet. It will explain how juicing gives you the most nutrients from the vegetable. The type of juicers will then be explained for your understanding when selecting one. Finally a suggestion of what juices you can start off with.

Juicing is the only way to get the majority of nutrients from the vegetable. Vegetables and fruit are made up of juice and fiber. The juice holds all the living nutrients and vitamins while the fiber does not hold any. Fiber is good for helping the digested food move through the body. So juicing removes the fiber from the food and leaves you with just the juice. This is important because in this state, the nutrition dense juice can go right into your blood stream to be used by the body in a matter of seconds without having to use energy to separate the fiber. The body uses lots of energy in the process of eating the vegetable , digesting and getting of it. In fact by the time the whole process is done you are only receiving 1-25% of the nutrients from that carrot that can be used at cell level for healing. If you juice that carrot, with the correct juicer, you can receive upwards of 90% of the nutrients at cellular level. Juicing gives you and experience of raw energy and strength that in unlike any other. So let’s find out what the correct juicing machine is.

There are two types of juicing machines. They are masticating and non-masticating. The non-masticating ones are the more contemporary juicers that you may see sold in Walmart or on the infomercials. They are lower in price and are more like a blender. These are not that great because they spin at very fast speeds and create a process called oxidation which gets rid of most of the nutrients. Masticating juicers are recommended because they grind the food at a low speed and do not get rid of these very important nutrients. They are much more expensive but are a must as the other ones are basically a waste of money. Good brands of juicers are the Champion juicer and the best one is the Green Star Line. These are anywhere from $250-600.00 to purchase and will last a very long time. What can you do with these juicers?

There are many things you can do with a juicer such as a Green Star. You can juice a variety of types of vegetable and fruits. For example, you can juice carrots, beets, lettuce as well as apples, pears and peaches. It is recommended that you drink at least two eight ounce glasses of vegetable juices per day. The body cannot absorb more than eight ounces at a time. It is recommended to use 2/3rds carrot juice and 1/3rd greens or root veggies such as lettuce, spinach, kale, or beets. You can add apples to sweeten it up and some even use ginger or garlic to give it a kick. The juicer will also make homemade pasta, bread, sauces and ice creamy desserts. There are varieties of different juices that can be used and many books have been created on the subject giving you hundreds of recipes. Two recommendations are The Juicing Book by Stephen Blauer and Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by Dr. Norman Walker. These juicers, books, and more will be available on my upcoming website.

I hope you have enjoyed this health blog. I will leave you with a free recipe to try at home and enjoy.
Have a Happy Healthy Day

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