Problem with getting off Antidepressants

As people begin to see how they have been lied to about
the safety and effectiveness of these drugs and attempt to
come off the drugs, what will the end result be? Kim Crespi, who lives near Charlotte, NC learned of antidepressant withdrawal all too painfully on January 20,
2006 when her husband David, a good strong Christian and
wonderful husband and father, who was also a vice president
of the bank, stabbed their twin four year old daughters to

David was in abrupt withdrawal from Paxil and had
just started taking Prozac. He and Kim were not aware that
the FDA had just warned the year before that any abrupt
change in dose of an antidepressant, whether going up or
down (he had just done both), can produce suicide,
hostility, or psychosis – generally a manic psychosis
leading to a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Is it any
wonder that the diagnosis of Bipolar has increased by 4000%
over a recent 10 year period when it was basically unheard
of before SSRI antidepressants?


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