Testimony Time: Chris survives Disease

“My name is Chris and I live in Melbourne, Victoria,
Australia. Six years ago I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s
Lymphoma, which had obstructed both urethras of my kidneys
and caused much damage – the right one was barely
functioning. Stents were inserted for 3 months. After a
course of C.H.O.P. chemotherapy, I had expected to be
somewhat improved, however I never recovered. After a few
months as I was crying out to God for my ‘way of escape’,
three people mentioned to me about the Hallelujah Diet®. I
read some material and I admit I was extremely skeptical
but could not shake the idea that this was indeed God’s way
of escape for me. I began the diet in November 2001. Today
I am well and strong – back into fulltime work and so
enjoying my life. Was it easy? NO! I had many times of
wanting to quit but as the months passed, I certainly
reaped the benefits of excellent eating and will continue
to do so.


2 Responses to “Testimony Time: Chris survives Disease”

  1. Val Bergan Says:

    I am interested if you can suggest something to help my brother in law. He has been diagnsed wiyh asbstosis and given 3-12mths. to live.He has already had his lungs drained twice. Would a sudden diet of raw foods give him a better feeling of well being,even if it doesn’t prolong his life?

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