My Journey

The other day I shared the story of the founder of Hallelujah Acres. I hope you enjoyed reading about his story. There are so many similar stories that come into H.Acres that are inspiring and uplifting. He has affected many lives with his teachings about health and I want to share about mine.

After reading a book called “Why Christian’s Get Sick”, I was challenged to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle. I noticed more improvement than any other diet change I had ever tried before. A few months later I looked at the back of the book to order some recipe books and realized that H. Acres was located in my wife’s hometown. So we went down to the store and bought a few things. I noticed that there was a health seminar going on. I inquired and the next week we went and were astonished at the amazing information being shared. We left for a while and then came back and trained to be Health Ministers of H. Acres.

This has definitely been one of the most remarkable adventures of my life. I have grown a passion to help those who are sick and share information about unbelievable ways of living that can help you to live every day feeling great. I encourage you to email me and say hi so I can share my wealth of information with you


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