Health Nodes Introduction

“What the heck are Health Nodes?” you ask. I got this idea from a great book I just finished called “Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. He does an amazing job of helping one to see how success in anything can be achieved by simply changing the way you think. He focuses on Rich people and how thinking like rich people can open your eyes to new possibilities. So that got me thinking about success in the health arena.

I have struggled with sharing information about health and my lifestyle because it seems not to be the most popular way of eating or living. I have noticed that people that will accept such a message are those who want to hear it. Those who want excellence in their lives in all areas. Those who are willing to sacrifice the pleasure of the moment for the greater purpose.

Therefore, I am going to devote some time in my blogs to writing what I call Health Nodes. They will share the differences about how healthy people think compared to unhealthy. Hopefully, by reading these, you will see where you sit in this realm and open your mind to new possibilities of success.

We are all programmed in a certain way from how we were raised and what we experienced growing up. From this programming comes the way we make choices to be or not to be healthy. These, like files in computer, are the nodes that make up our health blueprint . So by addressing the wrong type of nodes we can then change the programming of our mind so that we can set ourselves up for a failure-free healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for the first health node.


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