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March 30, 2008

Pat, who lives in New Jersey, had this to say about her
recipe: “Raw and absolutely delicious!”

3 cups distilled water
1 cup raw almonds (soak in distilled water overnight and
1 teaspoon honey
2 cups chopped broccoli
1 avocado
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon chopped onion
1 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt (to taste)
1/2 teaspoon cumin
pinch of cayenne pepper (to taste)

Blend water, almonds, and honey until smooth. Then add in
the rest of the ingredients and blend until creamy. ENJOY!


Debbie Speaks out About Health Care

March 29, 2008

An interesting letter in which Debi, who had been diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, describes her efforts to recover from this debilitating condition
using the current Health Care System of drugs, and then compares it with her experience on The Hallelujah Acres Diet using nutrition to let the body do the healing. I
believe you will find the contrast between the two striking!
I am a 57-year old woman with MULTIPLE
SCLEROSIS. When I first tried The Hallelujah Diet I was fed
up with our ‘health care’ system. I had been in the
hospital 4 times that year, and had been treated with a 5-
day regimen of steroids on each occasion. I was also taking
13 drugs per day – drugs like morphine, Percocet and
Oxycontin, and still having trouble with MS exacerbations.
Nothing doctors were doing was helping and I was miserable.
I could hardly get through my days.
I was put on complete Social Security disability and had
no hope of anything more in a day’s time than lying around,
sleeping, popping drugs, feeling very bad, and of course
being very depressed. That’s when I went into a local
Christian bookstore to get a book, any book that might help
me, and found your book The Hallelujah Diet. Then a
stranger heard my MS story and suggested The Hallelujah
Acres website, .
After doing a moderate amount of study, my husband (who
is very supportive) and I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and
almost immediately set about weaning myself off all the
medications the doctors had me on. It took 2½ months, but
eventually I was even able to discontinue the morphine
patches. On The Hallelujah Diet I gradually got better and
better. We stayed strictly on the diet for 6 months.
Then, a little at a time, I started going back to my old
SAD, until I was completely off The Hallelujah Diet and
back on the meat, sugar, and cooked food diet again. On the
SAD, my symptoms soon returned, and it was back to the
doctors for my ‘health care.’ First it was one drug, then
two and then more and more until finally I was on 6
different drugs. Finally I said ‘NO MORE’ to the
neurologists. This gave me a very bad reputation for being
a difficult patient, and this went into my medical records.
Each time a doctor wanted to add another drug I refused
until I ferociously dreaded any future doctor appointment
and was willing to do almost anything to put an end to this
endless drug regimen the doctors insisted I be on.
As you can imagine, the current health care pathway that
doctors take is a very expensive one, but ‘insurance pays
for it, right!’ It becomes so easy to say to yourself that
the whole world’s system of health care can’t be wrong, BUT
IT IS! Sadly, I didn’t wake up to this until the doctors
wanted to put me on a completely new drug called Tysarbi.
It was controversial, and three out of 2000 die of a brain
disease from this combination therapy. They say there is no
way of knowing who will develop this brain disease or what
causes it, but they prescribed the drug anyway to the tune
of $28,000 per year, because my insurance would pay for it.
My husband and I made the decision to NOT take the drug.
Now we are back on The Hallelujah Diet and will do it
absolutely the best we can, and trust God the best we can.
And again, I will wean myself off the medications and
hopefully never go the doctor and health care system
currently available in America ever again.
Our doctors may
mean well, but they don’t know. They are uninformed and are
being taught incorrectly in medical school. The hours they
spend on any type of nutritional education are practically
zilch. They do the best they can, but the truth is that it
is ‘we the people’ who have given them the ever-increasing
power that they have over us. They think they are God, but
they are not!
We may think that it is expensive to purchase BarleyMax®
and organic carrots, and all the things we need to be
healthy, but the alternative to that is the loss of not
only our health, but also our will. When we no longer can
choose how we spend our day, then we have lost our freedom.
How long will it take us to realize that our health is our
choice? I believe the answer to this issue all boils down
quite simply to education, not government health care, nor
money, but rather educating ourselves to the truth of where
real health care comes from – a healthy diet and God.
Our nation is suffering
the consequences of a burdened health care system, but it
has been ‘we the people’ who have allowed it to be so.
Until ‘we the people’ stand up and each personally chose
health, by choosing to put only healthy foods into our
body, nothing will change. Kindest regards and special
thanks, Debi.”

Dangers of Animal Foods (Part III)

March 27, 2008

In order to keep a chicken, for example, safe from disease, antibiotics are pumped into it’s system.  These are then transferred to human bodies and can explain Candida and yeast infection problems. Furthermore, our immune system is affected and has more difficulty in performing properly.
In addition to antibiotics, growth hormones are also injected into animals such as chicken in order to promote accelerated growth. The faster they grow, the more farmers can sell.  Our bodies are the victim of this money making drug and proof of this can be seen through early puberty in young ladies.  Before WW II the average age of puberty was 15 and now is closer to 10 or even 8 years of age. Also, young people are becoming taller , bigger and some girls are developing huge breasts and young ages.  All due to growth hormones passed from our milk and meat into our bodies.
If more proof is needed for conviction on this matter, here is a list of diseases which are related to eating a diet full of animal products: heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, numerous cancers (especially breast and prostate), diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins, sinus problems, cardiovascular
problems, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, acid stomach problems, gout, constipation, bad breath, congestion, indigestion, phlegm, PMS, menopausal problems, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, colon cancer, and more. All of these diseases have been known to lessen and even disappear when animal products are removed from the diet. The importance of removing animal foods from the diet cannot be stresses enough. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!

Dangers of Animal Products (Part II)

March 26, 2008

Our bodies must be kept in proper acidic balance for the environment to stay in a state that will defend against sickness. Animal products are highly acidic causing the environment of our body to become a breading ground for disease. This is also the main cause of much stomach-pain related problems.  Cancerous and toxic cells grow in an acidic environment.  A goal can be to consume products which promote an alkaline environment in our bodies where disease cannot survive.
Another huge problem is that animal products are loaded with animal fat. This fat enters our bodies and  clogs arteries and blocks passageways.  Animal fat is known to be the cause of cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure. Diabetes is also caused by animal fats because it covers cells that block insulin from getting to the receptors. The body must look other places for insulin thus causing an overload and breakdown in other organs.  Once animal products are removed from the diet high blood pressure, and cholesterol are lowered and most type 2 diabetics can stop using insulin.
Protein brings up many issues with a vegan diet. It is more important to consider the source of protein rather than the quantity.  Animal sources provide much more protein than is necessary in level and promote the growth of cancerous cells.  The body does need protein but sufficient amounts can be found in this raw vegan diet. In fact this diet is what gives the animals that we get our protein from all the protein that they need to grow into huge creatures. Look at elephants, cows, giraffes and see what they eat.  People who have been on a vegan diet for many years rarely ever show signs of deficiency in protein.  The quality  of animal does not matter either. An free-range organic chicken is still just as dangerous and not recommended to consume.

Dangers Of Animal Products

March 25, 2008

Animal products are considered some of the most toxic and harmful substances we can put into our body. This surprising fact has been cleverly hidden by the agricultural industry as they continually send messages through advertisements that we need to eat them.  To add to the problem, most of the menu of major restaurants contain very little options for vegetarians. Furthermore, the options that they call vegetarian are fish or pasta with cheese.  This false information and the havoc that animal products have in our body will be discussed in the following section of this lesson.
Food from animals cannot be consumed without cooking , therefore, making it what could be called “dead food“.  As seen in lesson one, cooked foods should be kept to between 15-25% of our daily intake.  The reason for this is because there are no living enzymes in dead food. Enzymes act to break down the food in the body. The result of not being properly broken down is food staying in the lining of our bowels and petrifying. Think of a raw piece of steak sitting outside in one hundred dregree Fairenheit weather.  This is around the internal temperature of our bodies and the food acts in the same manner. This leads to blocking of cells and arteries and build up of fat.
Another reason why food from animal products stays in the body is because there is no fiber in it. Fiber in raw food such as fruits and veggies help push the waste through and out the body.  Fiberless animal products stay in the body and cause stomach pains, odor problems and many other colon and digestive problems.

The Healthy Dancer’s Diet: A day in the Life

March 24, 2008

So here we go;  The Healthy Dancer’s Diet .  Let’s walk through the typical day in the life of a healthy dancer.  Upon waking up we will drink at least one cup of water and about half an hour later have our first serving of Barley Max.  This is breakfast. We will delve into the reason why adults do not eat breakfast in our Cleansing Lesson.  This serving of Barley Max is often compared to and will now replace that coffee in the morning to wake you up.  You will soon see why this is true and you will not experience the coffee withdrawl.
As a mid-morning snack we will have our first serving of carrot/veggie juice.  Freshly extracted veggie juices will last for about three days in a eight ounce glass jelly jars which can be purchased at your local WalMart or the like. This juice will then last us until lunch time. If hunger creeps up before lunch a piece of juicy fruit (preferably organic) can be consumed.
Half an hour before lunch have a second serving of Barley Max. Half an hour is the recommended wait time before eating lunch as it gives the barley time to work through your system without any interruptions.  Lunch will consist of either a fresh fruit or vegetable salad. Eat as much as desired until satisfied.  Some will have a few fruits such as a peach and a nectarine or a bunch of strawberries  instead of a mixed salad.  It is important not to only have one cooked serving of food per day. That can either be consumed now or at dinner. The cooked portion contains foods natural foods such as brown or whole grain rice, pasta, or bread, baked potato, yams, and all varieties of veggies. This is a chance to be creative and more ideas can be found in the various recipes and charts in this course.
The second serving of carrot juice will be consumed  mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner.  Again half an hour before dinner we will have our third barley max. This is followed by a large vegetable salad. Start with dark leafy greens or spinach (NOT head lettuce) and then add a variety of your favorite veggies. Feel free to make or buy an organic natural dressing to add on top.  You may have your cooked portion at this meal if you have not already at lunch. The only exception to having two cooked meals a day is if you are loosing too much weight and need to eat more calories.
After dinner small portions of natural desserts may be consumed but that is all until tomorrow. If hunger arises at night a juicy fruit like an apple or pear may eaten. That’s The Healthy Dancer’s Diet. Managing  your diet will give you the body and goals you desire.
Note: The Healthy Dancer’s Diet as stated above is for those individuals who are not fighting a life threatening disease or ailment such as cancer or diabetes.  For an individual trying to survive such an illness, the servings of veggie juice and Barley Max must be increased.  Instead of having two and three of juices, six servings of each must be consumed. This will give the immune system the strength it needs to fight the disease.
Every individual is different and has different needs. This diet will be your guideline but feel free to discuss ideas a changes with this editor through email or comments on the blog.

Staple on The Healthy Dancer’s Diet

March 23, 2008

Before we get to an example of a how a day on a healthy dancer’s diet looks, a description of some unique products is required. The first and most important of these is Barley Max.  Barley Max is one of, if not, the most crucial addition to the diet as it gives the widest spectrum of nutrients from a single plant source.
Barley Max is dehydrated leaves from baby organic barley plants.  The crop is grown and harvested at a high elevation in the Rocky Mountains.  Barley goes through a similar process as seen when juicing wheatgrass and then it is dehydrated at a  low temperature in order to save all the living enzymes.  Alfalfa sprout juice is also added to the product and it becomes a very nutritious boost of health.
This product is taken three times a day. One for breakfast and then half an hour before both lunch and dinner.  It will replace breakfast for adults and will provide enough nutrients to keep you full as if you had a breakfast. More about breakfast will be discussed in future blogs.
Barley Max is best taken by mixing one teaspoon of the powder into a maximum of four ounces of water. This must be mixed in our mixer or a water bottle that can be closed and shaken. Contact me  to order your first container of barley for only sixty cents per day (much less than a cup of coffee.) It is available in one or two month supplies.


March 22, 2008

2 cups of chopped kale OR spinach
1/2 avocado
1 ripe banana
Juice of one lemon
1-2 cups distilled water

Place all ingredients in a blender with enough water to
make the smoothie liquid enough to drink through a straw if
desired, and blend until smooth.

Mid-morning is an excellent time for those who would like to eat something
containing fiber during the morning hours, or to have a
tasty and nutrient dense late breakfast or snack. GREEN
SMOOTHIES combine a sweet fruit with sometimes not so sweet
greens and make a very tasty combination. GREEN SMOOTHIES
are also an excellent way to get more nutrient dense greens
into the diet.

Lost Four Dress Sizes AND Fibromyalgia

March 20, 2008

Betty, from Michigan, writes ” As a result of adopting the diet, I no longer have FIBROMYALGIA, and gone from a size 9 to a size 4, and my health is now great, and I tell everyone.”

Sparkle and Shine with Living Foods. (Part III)

March 19, 2008

There are two types of juicers available; masticating and centrifugal. A centrifugal juicer has a spinning basket of blades that shreds the vegetables. The price is generally lower and can be found in main stream shopping stores such as WalMart or Target.  Do not  use these ones becaues they  create a process called oxidation. This is caused by the spinning of the basket at a very high rate. The oxygen in the air actually mixes up with the process and nutrients are lost. Buy masticating juicers such as the Green Star or Champion brand. These grind the veggies and much lower speeds with two axel blades.  As much as ninety percent of the nutrients are kept this way.
If you would like to wait to invest in a juicer, an option is to purchase a supplement called Carrot or Beet Max. These products are dehydrated juices from fresh organic beets or carrots. Dehydration dries out the juice at a temperature less than 106 degrees, therefore keeping all the living enzymes in the veggies.  Another alternative is to have carrot or celery sticks.  Freshly extracted juices from a Green Star juicer, however, will provide you with the most nutrients possible.
The body can only assimilate eight ounces of vegetable juice at a time. This equals to 250 mL or one cup of veggie per serving.  It is recommended to juice two thirds carrots and the other third dark colored vegetables such as beets, leaf lettuce or spinach, celery, cucumber or many more. Apples are a natural sweetener and make a tasty treat.