Two Week Taste Bud Challenge!!!

Neurotoxins or Excito-toxins are ingredients added to our food to give them the illusion of better taste. Addictions to sugar, salt, and MSG run rampant because we think our food is bland and yucky without that. Candy Bar manufacturers, for example, know this little weakness and rob our wallets with everything they manufacture. Neurotoxins work by sending messages to the brain that tell us that what we eat tastes yummy and we can‘t go another day without it. Good taste makes us feel great (sound familiar?). This secret formula deceives our mind as it sends out happy emotions. The brain registers and programs our emotions to remember that certain foods make us happy. So what’s wrong with that?

EVERYTHING!!!!!! What is making us overweight? Where are diabetes and cancer originating from? Don’t blame it on your parents!! I challenge you to test your taste buds. Can you live without coke, snickers, Doritos, and M&M‘s for a month. If your answer is no… YOU ARE A VICTIM.. You don’t see people crying. “I’m addicted to carrots”.. “I can’t live without my broccoli or apples”. (accept for my clients.. Of course.. LOL).

Your taste buds are cells that die and replace very frequently because the cells You will have new taste buds in two weeks. So try it!! Test your taste buds for the next two weeks. Cut out candy, chips, chocolate, soft drinks, coffee and instead have RAW fruits for sweets, and veggies (especially veggie juice for that hunger). Then email me and tell me what you experience


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