Fill the Hunger Gap Naturally and Permanently!

Why does hunger creep up on you two hours after a big meal?  Let me explain!  The answer lies the mechanics of your body. When you eat a carrot, your body goes through a series of steps called digestion.  The carrot enters the mouth and eventually drops down into the stomach where your organs break it down. This sucks energy from the body and by the time you finish the digestive process your body is only utilizing around 10%(at the most) of the nutrients that it needs from that carrot.  That is only if you are eating RAW food.  Cooked foods lack the enzymes, the food’s natural source to break itself down,  because they are destroyed in high temperature cooking(anything above 107 degrees Fahrenheit).  Therefore, the cooked carrot is dead and the molecular structure has been changed leaving it non-organic.. NO USE.
The most effective way to fill that hunger gap is to have freshly extracted juices from RAW vegetables such as carrots, beets, and dark greens.  Juicing makes digestion much easier on the body. By taking the fiber out of the veggie and keeping just the juice it fills our bodies with living cells containing the life force enzymes we hunger for. Then the body does not have to waste energy separating the fiber and the juice will flow right into the blood stream within minutes and can be used to rebuild those cells that have died.  These new cells will be much stronger than the ones they have replaced because they are full of the nutrients that come from the foods organic natural form.  Drinking an 8oz glass of vegetable juice gives similar alertness as coffee or Red Bull but you will not aid your body in degenerating in the process!!! Give it a try and email me the result.


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