Faith in Desserts!

I want to clear up some facts about the desserts you are eating! Sugar free means that there is no REFINED sugar in the substance you are eating.  That’s s good choice because refined sugar is not in it’s natural form. It is man-made and is exposed to a process of whitening that is similar to bleaching it. A substance similar to Clorox Bleach changes natural crystalline to a bleached white toxic substance.  Although this appears to bet a healthier choice, unfortunately poison is just replaced with equal or worse poison. Friends, most things engineered by man are not natural and will cause havoc on the body.
Instead of using refined or even natural sugar, these “sugar free” goodies are loaded with another poison to sweeten it. God forbid, we can’t survive without sweetner!!!! So in goes chemically engineered products like Sorbitol, Aspartamate, Xylotol.. I mean really.. If you can’t spell it… DON’T EAT IT!!! That is a safe rule of thumb to live by. Along with this, the cookies and cakes will also have bleached white flour (same fun process as sugar), eggs (full of antibiotics and growth hormones) as well as a bunch of other things I can’t spell or pronounce… Aren’t you looking forward to your next sweet!!!
Good News:  There are alternate goodies that you can have that are more natural and won’t harm your body. A few examples are Panda Licorice, Vegan Cookies, Newman’s Fig Newton, Annie’s Teddy Graham’s and my wife’s personal favorite Nature’s Gate POP TARTS!!!!… just to name a few. Take a look at your organic health food store and enjoy a healthier choice.


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2 Responses to “Faith in Desserts!”

  1. Monique Says:

    You are sooooo right! I started to eat Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food without knowing how healthy they were for me. When i looked at the ingredients i was absolutely amazed! No refined sugars, sweetened with…get this…DATES! They are moist and chewy and absolutely divine 🙂 Whole Foods carries them as well as other local health food stores.

  2. ozenblog Says:

    Hello Monique,

    Thanks for writing. Yes it’s so cool finding healthy goodies especially if you are struggling with getting off chocolate or candy bars or what ever.

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