Self Healing Body (Part 1): The beginning of Life

From the very beginning of our life the body is designed to grow with the building blocks of natural material. In our mother’s womb we feed our bodies through the umbilical cord. The nutrients from mom pass through and enter out body. After we are born the cord is cut but immediately and, like most mammals on earth, we find nutrients in mom through her milk. This is the way we were designed to be built and, depending on how healthy mom is, so is the process. It is after this point that man tries to improve on the plan from our creator.
Usually far too early we wean our children off mom and onto a bottle. The goal should be to keep the child on mother’s milk for as long as possible. Some have reported being on mom’s milk until year two. We, for what ever reason, take them off sooner and feed them with cow’s milk. Do you realize that we are the only species on earth that drinks another creatures milk? The dangers of dairy products will be discussed later in the book. Suffice to say this is where our allergies, sickness and ultimately the breakdown of the physical body begins.
The body will not breakdown quietly however. We may experience pains or rashes that translate into crying, skin disorders, and a variety of other ailments. Think about the following question. Are we born wearing eye glasses? Of, course not, but this is yet another symptom of our body deteriorating. So how do we respond? We rush off to the doctor. Although doctors are very intelligent and important in dealing with injuries or emergencies, they specialize in treatment of symptoms. The problem with this is that we are prescribed toxic and poisonous drugs that, may quiet down our bodies natural alarm system, cause more problems in the process. Sadly, this process repeats itself over the course of our young life and carries itself through to adolescence where life becomes survival of the fittest. But this depressing scene doesn’t have to be your story. Thank God, we were created with an immune system. We just need to learn how to use this incredible mechanism to naturally care for our body.


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