Self Healing Body (Part II): The Immune System

The immune system is the power plant of our body. Like the generators of a city electrical system, our immune system provides is the hub where power to light up our body begin from.  If we can build our immune system, the rest will fall into place and we will see the wonder of our self-healing body.
A unique perspective of how are body is made will give the secret to understanding the ingredients to our self-healing process.  Every organ, tissue, muscle, ect. Is made up of cells.  Just as all things on the earth are.  In fact our bodies are made up of hundreds of trillions of these little guys.  These cells are constantly dying and replacing at a rate of about three million per minute.  In one year, all of the cells in your body will have died and are replaced with new ones. Now here’s the secret.  We need to replace the cells that die with LIVING cells from living food. Simple?  Actually it is but unfortunately we have been mislead in our teaching and need to gain a new perspective.
We are taught that it is so very important to eat a balanced diet of grains, meats, drink our milk, ect.  This is what we call the four food groups and these teachings are funded by money making giants such as the Drug Companies and the Agriculture industry.  Friends, there is a another way. A more natural, body friendly way. And when we do this we will see results that have never before been possible.


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