Sparkle and Shine with Living Foods. (Part I)

For a strong body to be achieved we must replace our dying cells with living cells from living foods.  Living foods are foods that, like us, are breathing organisms in the original state they were created in. RAW vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, ect. are examples of foods that are living foods. The secret is, however, that they must be RAW for them to have any positive building affect at cellular level.
Take a carrot for example.  A carrot is grown and has life building enzymes as part of it’s structure.  These come from the nutrients in the soil and grow with the sun and water.  If, after plucking the carrot , we then cook it, we have just destroyed all the enzymes that help this carrot break down in our body. It is now dead and can provide very little nutrients to us at cell level.
There’s a story in the news about a woman who left her infant in the car after coming home from the grocery store on a hot summer day.  She went into to watch a television program and left the infant in the car for a period of about 90 minutes. When she finally remembered and rushed to the car the child was unconscious. Mom rushed the child to the hospital where the doctors revealed an inner temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  The child survived.  In a similar story a few months later a child was left in a car for the same time and was unconscious when the mother found it.  After rushing the infant to the hospital the baby was found to have an inside temperature of 107 degrees.  The child did not survive.  How does this relate to food?
Living food like living humans die in the same way.  The key number here is 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Any living cell that raises above this temperature will cease to live.  Since there are very little cooking appliances that can heat something under this temperature, most of what the average American consumes is dead lifeless food.  The majority of our diet needs to be consisting of raw fruits , vegetables, nuts, and grains.  On top of this, there is one more staple for our diet that is the key of life building in our body.


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