Sparkle and Shine with Living Foods. (Part II)

A very funny video that plays on the add “got milk” can be found on my blog. I invite you to have a quick look at it by clicking here Instead of getting a white mustache a glass of milk, a healthier choice would be to see orange mustache from carrot juice. The juice of a RAW vegetable or fruit contains the life force of that food which can be used at cellular level to reach our immune system and be transformed into cell building materials transported all over our body.
The process of juicing separates the food into two entities; fiber(pulp) and juice. Although the occasional fruit can be juiced, a good rule of thumb is to eat your fruits and juice your veggies. Fruits are the cleansers and veggies are the healers. In our carrot example, a juicing machine will grind the carrot and separate the juice. We then drink this juice and our bodies can digest it much more naturally than if we ate it and we receive almost all the nutritional value from that carrot.
If we were to simply eat the carrot our body is only benefiting from around ten percent of its nutrients. Most of the nutritional value is lost in the process of digesting. After entering the mouth we use energy to chew the food as it breaks down the food into pieces small enough to follow the tubes into our stomach. Once there, acids in our stomach now have to break it down even more. Only then, after using up energy and loosing nutritional value throughout , can the carrot be separated making the juice available for the cells. A juicing machine does this process for you will give you as much as 900% more nutrients to your immune system. The natural blast of nutrients you receive from an eight ounce glass of carrot juice will not only fill your hunger but also send you leaping across the stage.


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