Sparkle and Shine with Living Foods. (Part III)

There are two types of juicers available; masticating and centrifugal. A centrifugal juicer has a spinning basket of blades that shreds the vegetables. The price is generally lower and can be found in main stream shopping stores such as WalMart or Target.  Do not  use these ones becaues they  create a process called oxidation. This is caused by the spinning of the basket at a very high rate. The oxygen in the air actually mixes up with the process and nutrients are lost. Buy masticating juicers such as the Green Star or Champion brand. These grind the veggies and much lower speeds with two axel blades.  As much as ninety percent of the nutrients are kept this way.
If you would like to wait to invest in a juicer, an option is to purchase a supplement called Carrot or Beet Max. These products are dehydrated juices from fresh organic beets or carrots. Dehydration dries out the juice at a temperature less than 106 degrees, therefore keeping all the living enzymes in the veggies.  Another alternative is to have carrot or celery sticks.  Freshly extracted juices from a Green Star juicer, however, will provide you with the most nutrients possible.
The body can only assimilate eight ounces of vegetable juice at a time. This equals to 250 mL or one cup of veggie per serving.  It is recommended to juice two thirds carrots and the other third dark colored vegetables such as beets, leaf lettuce or spinach, celery, cucumber or many more. Apples are a natural sweetener and make a tasty treat.


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