The Healthy Dancer’s Diet: A day in the Life

So here we go;  The Healthy Dancer’s Diet .  Let’s walk through the typical day in the life of a healthy dancer.  Upon waking up we will drink at least one cup of water and about half an hour later have our first serving of Barley Max.  This is breakfast. We will delve into the reason why adults do not eat breakfast in our Cleansing Lesson.  This serving of Barley Max is often compared to and will now replace that coffee in the morning to wake you up.  You will soon see why this is true and you will not experience the coffee withdrawl.
As a mid-morning snack we will have our first serving of carrot/veggie juice.  Freshly extracted veggie juices will last for about three days in a eight ounce glass jelly jars which can be purchased at your local WalMart or the like. This juice will then last us until lunch time. If hunger creeps up before lunch a piece of juicy fruit (preferably organic) can be consumed.
Half an hour before lunch have a second serving of Barley Max. Half an hour is the recommended wait time before eating lunch as it gives the barley time to work through your system without any interruptions.  Lunch will consist of either a fresh fruit or vegetable salad. Eat as much as desired until satisfied.  Some will have a few fruits such as a peach and a nectarine or a bunch of strawberries  instead of a mixed salad.  It is important not to only have one cooked serving of food per day. That can either be consumed now or at dinner. The cooked portion contains foods natural foods such as brown or whole grain rice, pasta, or bread, baked potato, yams, and all varieties of veggies. This is a chance to be creative and more ideas can be found in the various recipes and charts in this course.
The second serving of carrot juice will be consumed  mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner.  Again half an hour before dinner we will have our third barley max. This is followed by a large vegetable salad. Start with dark leafy greens or spinach (NOT head lettuce) and then add a variety of your favorite veggies. Feel free to make or buy an organic natural dressing to add on top.  You may have your cooked portion at this meal if you have not already at lunch. The only exception to having two cooked meals a day is if you are loosing too much weight and need to eat more calories.
After dinner small portions of natural desserts may be consumed but that is all until tomorrow. If hunger arises at night a juicy fruit like an apple or pear may eaten. That’s The Healthy Dancer’s Diet. Managing  your diet will give you the body and goals you desire.
Note: The Healthy Dancer’s Diet as stated above is for those individuals who are not fighting a life threatening disease or ailment such as cancer or diabetes.  For an individual trying to survive such an illness, the servings of veggie juice and Barley Max must be increased.  Instead of having two and three of juices, six servings of each must be consumed. This will give the immune system the strength it needs to fight the disease.
Every individual is different and has different needs. This diet will be your guideline but feel free to discuss ideas a changes with this editor through email or comments on the blog.


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