Dangers Of Animal Products

Animal products are considered some of the most toxic and harmful substances we can put into our body. This surprising fact has been cleverly hidden by the agricultural industry as they continually send messages through advertisements that we need to eat them.  To add to the problem, most of the menu of major restaurants contain very little options for vegetarians. Furthermore, the options that they call vegetarian are fish or pasta with cheese.  This false information and the havoc that animal products have in our body will be discussed in the following section of this lesson.
Food from animals cannot be consumed without cooking , therefore, making it what could be called “dead food“.  As seen in lesson one, cooked foods should be kept to between 15-25% of our daily intake.  The reason for this is because there are no living enzymes in dead food. Enzymes act to break down the food in the body. The result of not being properly broken down is food staying in the lining of our bowels and petrifying. Think of a raw piece of steak sitting outside in one hundred dregree Fairenheit weather.  This is around the internal temperature of our bodies and the food acts in the same manner. This leads to blocking of cells and arteries and build up of fat.
Another reason why food from animal products stays in the body is because there is no fiber in it. Fiber in raw food such as fruits and veggies help push the waste through and out the body.  Fiberless animal products stay in the body and cause stomach pains, odor problems and many other colon and digestive problems.


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