Dangers of Animal Products (Part II)

Our bodies must be kept in proper acidic balance for the environment to stay in a state that will defend against sickness. Animal products are highly acidic causing the environment of our body to become a breading ground for disease. This is also the main cause of much stomach-pain related problems.  Cancerous and toxic cells grow in an acidic environment.  A goal can be to consume products which promote an alkaline environment in our bodies where disease cannot survive.
Another huge problem is that animal products are loaded with animal fat. This fat enters our bodies and  clogs arteries and blocks passageways.  Animal fat is known to be the cause of cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure. Diabetes is also caused by animal fats because it covers cells that block insulin from getting to the receptors. The body must look other places for insulin thus causing an overload and breakdown in other organs.  Once animal products are removed from the diet high blood pressure, and cholesterol are lowered and most type 2 diabetics can stop using insulin.
Protein brings up many issues with a vegan diet. It is more important to consider the source of protein rather than the quantity.  Animal sources provide much more protein than is necessary in level and promote the growth of cancerous cells.  The body does need protein but sufficient amounts can be found in this raw vegan diet. In fact this diet is what gives the animals that we get our protein from all the protein that they need to grow into huge creatures. Look at elephants, cows, giraffes and see what they eat.  People who have been on a vegan diet for many years rarely ever show signs of deficiency in protein.  The quality  of animal does not matter either. An free-range organic chicken is still just as dangerous and not recommended to consume.


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