The Dangers of Refined Sugar

The second most dangerous substance we can consume is Refined sugar. The following paragraphs will describe the many harmful effects that refined sugar has in the body.   We are talking about refined sugars here and not natural sugars that are found in raw fruits and vegetables from the garden.  It is important to note the amount of sugars we are placing in our bodies. The average amount of sugar that a North American eats in a year has risen from five pounds per person per year to over one hundred and fifty pounds per year in the last hundred years.  This equates to about FIFTY teaspoons per day that the average American is eating on the Standard Diet. Let’s dive in deeper at how this is causing havoc in our bodies.
As with animal products mentioned before, refined sugar is a dead food that contains no fiber and lacks the enzymes that can break it down in our body. Refined sugar’s original form is from a beet root or sugar cane but by the time we consume it, a surprising process has changed it’s composition. The following is a newsletter written by Charlotte Gerson that will astound you with the process of what sugar goes through.
“Sugar is a basic element in starchy food; however, processed sugar is a completely different matter. The sugar we purchase in the supermarket for personal consumption is processed sugar. This kind of sugar is heated up in chalk-milk, so that calcium and protein are extracted. After the process, it
becomes alkaloid, destroying all vitamin content. In the second phase, the sugar  is mixed with acid chalk, carbonic gas, sulfur dioxide, and finally with natrium bicarbonate. The mixture is cooked and cooled off several times and thereafter crystallized and centrifuged. The dead mass is then treated with strontium
hydroxide. Subsequently it arrives at the refinery where it is passed over chalk carbon acid to clean it. Dark coloring is removed by adding sulfuric acid and then it is filtered with bone charcoal. Finally, it is colored with Indathrenblue or the highly toxic Ultramarine. This product’s chemical composition is C12H22O11,
which you can buy in shops as ‘pure cane’ sugar


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3 Responses to “The Dangers of Refined Sugar”

  1. Addo Francis Says:

    I wish you send me pictures on the bad effect of sugar every week to my mail.

  2. Mohammed Says:

    Very much interested in refined sugars with its detrimental effects on the body. Please keep me posted , subscribe me on any related news letters available.

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