Dangers of Refined Sugar (Part II)

Processed sugar, like animal products,  is also very acidic. Because the body needs to be in an alkaline environment, it will steal calcium from bones.  This causes the bones to become brittle and leads to many osteo (bone) related diseases. It is very important for dancers to have strong healthy bones to support the muscles that are moving in very unique ways. There are two other diseases which result in the body trying to cope with massive amounts of sugar in the body.
The first of these is Diabetes which is the third leading killer among life threatening diseases in America.  An apple contains 260 calories compared to a candy bar that has 1800 and the body was not designed to handle these amounts.  In previous lessons, we learned about how animal products affect the cells of insulin. Sugar worsens this problem because sugar levels rise to a very dangerous state. The pancreas then exhausts itself trying to compensate for the rise.  If one continuously consumes refined sugar the pancreas will be unable to produce insulin and the patient must have insulin injections to survive.
The other disease caused by refined sugar is Hypoglycemia. Opposite to Diabetes , the body has a strong pancreas that releases too much insulin as it reacts to the high level of concentrated sugar. As a result sugar level then dive down to well below normal and the person suffers from head aches and stomach pains.  They then are told to take more sugar to help them reach the level but that just starts the cycle again until the pancreas breaks down. Now we have a case of Diabetes.


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