Dangers of Refined Sugar (Part III)

Depression and Crimes have been linked to the consumption of too much sugar. ADD and ADHD are new names that doctors have labeled children and sugar has been linked to this as well. It would be wise for parents to take all refined sugar out of the diet of a young child. When large amounts of refined sugar are consumed , the body turns the insulin into fatty acids. This fatty acid will then start to clog the arteries and have direct affect on the heart and circulatory system causing heart diseases. It’s not only fat from animal products that are causing heart problems, sugar will assist in this as well. Sugar is also the most overlooked addictive drug and leads to becoming over weight. In adapting the diet, sugar is one of the hardest things to break free from. Because of the link to the emotions, it is more than just a food to us. It is a way to get happy and our brains and bodies like that and they eat as much as they can. A can of soda pop has eleven teaspoons of sugar in it and if consumed every day one can put on twelve pounds in a year. The immune system, our bodies line of defense against viruses , bacteria, etc. , is suppressed because of refined sugar. Sugar knocks the immune system out and leaves our bodies vulnerable to colds flu’s and a great range of diseases including but not limited to: acne, addiction to drugs and caffeine, alcoholism, allergies, anxiety, behavior problems, binge eating, bloating, bone loss, Candidiasis, depression, difficulty concentrating, eczema, edema, emotional problems, fatigue, food cravings ,hormonal problems, hyperactivity, insomnia, menstrual difficulties, mental illness, ,mood swings, premature aging, psoriasis, and the list goes on and on. Refined sugar, after animal products, is the second most dangerous substance that we can put into our body. In order to maintain a healthy heart , immune system, and loose weight pure sugars from fruits and vegetables should be the only sugars we consume.


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One Response to “Dangers of Refined Sugar (Part III)”

  1. David Goldbeck Says:

    You are right about refined sugar. You might be interested to know that in “American Wholefoods Cuisine” we use no refined sweetners or grains. Anyone interested in 1300 easy, reliable, time and taste tested, nutritionist approved (and developed), vegetarian wholefoods recipes should take a look at the cooboook. In print for more than thirty years it is considered the “vegetarian Joy of Cooking” by both gourmet and health writers. For more info go to HealthyHighways.com Thanks

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