Danger of Refined “Table” Salt.

Our bodies are made up of cells and minerals. Minerals are necessary in the diet in order to promote strong limbs, bones, muscles and so on.  It is important that these necessities are digested in the correct form because they will assimilate in our body only if they are LIVING.  Living minerals are found in a small enough form in the water portion of vegetables and fruits. This is how minerals are supposed to be consumed. So this brings us to the issue of salt. It is a mineral and must be examined to ensure we consume the correct form of it.
Our bodies need only 250mg of sodium each day in order flush our cells, maintain a balance of fluid, give regulation to the circulatory system, and keep nerve impulses normal.  Sodium and Chloride are essential to the body and can be found in raw vegetable and fruits as well as UNREFINED Sea Salt. Beets, celery, figs, kale, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, red peppers and radishes are all examples of way to naturally receive our daily intake of sodium chloride.
The above description is recommended over refined or “table” salt in getting our daily need because the body assimilates natural products.  Table salt goes through a process taking unrefined salt and bringing it to 1200 degrees Farenhiet thus taking away eighty naturally occurring elements.  This gives the body protoplasmic poison and disrupts the circulatory system, nervous system and balance of fluid.
Instead of getting only 250 mg per day most people are consuming from 4000 to 10,000 mg per in diet sodas, hamburgers, eggs, frozen dinners, bottled veggie juices (V8) and chips just to name a few.
As well as being addictive and a cause of high blood pressure table salt promotes diseases such asedema, obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, stroke, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, PMS, and manic-depression


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6 Responses to “Danger of Refined “Table” Salt.”

  1. John Crompton Says:

    A very informative article. I would love to place a reciprocal link to your site, as I am trying to re-educate the british public on the dangers of refined salt.
    John Crompton
    Cromptons Kitchen

  2. Don Chisholm Says:

    Great article.
    I am writing a book on health and the section on Salt needs some improvement.
    Can I quote some of your information and where is the best place for me to find references?
    The general public need this information. Thanks for putting it together.

    • ozenblog Says:

      absolutely, you can you use what you need. Sorry I’m writing two years later.. lol.. my comments were going to the wrong email! How’s the project going?

  3. Tharntip Says:

    Re Thyroid Cancer: I am going for a radioactive iodine treatment (RAI) at the hospital on December 21, 2010. Would it be harmful for me to use refined salt when preparing my meals during the waiting period of 2 weeks prior to such treatment?

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