Lighten up with a Cleanse (Part 1)

A key to the dancer’s diet is a cleansing process combined with the proper diet. If the proper combination is not attained the cleansing is a waste of time and money.  In the previous two lessons we first discussed the type of foods that were designed to go into our body and then we talked about what food should not go into the body.  In order to maintain a clean healthy system this balance must be obtained.  When taking a cleansing product it is imparitive that one eats natural and mostly raw food as well as obstain from eating the five bad food groups.
When starting on The Healthy Dancer’s diet, it is recommended that a product called Fiber Cleanse be taken.  It is  all natural and organic and can be taken as either a powder or capsule form.  This will aid in removing years of build up of food due to wrong eating.
Dead or cooked foods such as chicken have no enzymes to break it down once it is in the stomach.  So some of this stays in the body tucked away in the very long intestines and colon.  The intestinal tract is like a tube which curves and winds in the stomach and the undigested food ferments along the folds of these patterns.


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