Lighten up with a Cleanse (Part II)

Fiber cleanse literally scrapes the walls of the intestines of a colon as it goes through the system and out the bowels.  The body does the same thing with vegetables and fruit by separating the juice from the fiber and keeping the nutrient rich juice and getting rid of the fiber.  So why to we want more fiber?
The ingredients, such as flax seed, in Fiber Cleanse are rougher than naturally occurring fibers in fruits and vegetables and therefore can scrape the waste that has been building up. As the digestive track gets clearer, the more effective the body can eliminate waste.  Here is a motto that puts it all together. “A healthy colon is healthy body.”
We can eat all the good foods we want but if we are not doing anything to cleanse our colon then the food will just sit block our system up.  This is the major contributor to most bowel related conditions such as Chrome’s, irritable bowel, and a host of others including removing lengths of the digestive tract. This can be very painful but the body feels incredible release and lightness after adopting cleansing into the diet.  Furthermore, weight is lost as a result of years of waste finally exiting the body.  This truly is one of  the most amazing feeling one experiences on The Healthy Dancer’s Diet.


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