Lighten up with a Cleanse (Part III)

How you’ll Take Your Fiber Cleanse

When the choice is made to start The Healthy Dancer’s Diet, Fiber Cleanse is recommended from day one.  This product will be taken for about the first three months on the diet change.  If taking the capsule form, start with four pills and gradually move up to eight pills per day.  The best time to take Fiber Cleanse half an hour after the first carrot juice of the morning.
An explanation of why breakfast is not eaten on The Dancer’s Diet, will help the understanding of a fiber based cleanse.  From a few hours before we retire for the night until the following day around noon, the body is in a naturally cleansing state.  It is recommended that no food is eaten as it will only hinder this process because the body will have to use more energy to digest and separate more food.  This is why juices are used for our morning nutrients because they do not contain any fiber.
A serving of Fiber cleanse will aid the body in completing this process as it is only pure fiber that can go directly into the digestive track and push out all that remains.  Once the initial three months of fiber cleanse is completed, it is recommended that organic flax seed take it’s place.

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  1. colon Says:

    Thanks, some good info. Never heard of Fiber Cleanse before. I’ll take a look into it.

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