Smoking and Oxygen in the body

One way that the supply of oxygen can be cut off is in the presence of a smoke filled room. The lungs will fill with smoke and the body will gasp for air. The body will cry out for fresh air or will quickly perish.
A smoker slowly cuts off the oxygen supply to the body.  Gradually the lungs will be coated with tar from the cigarette. Over long periods of time, the lungs will begin to look like the inside of a dirty chimney, full of soot and ash.  As the build up continues the amount of air intake into the lungs decreases until the very last breath.
Furthermore, smoking will bring  toxic carbon monoxide into the body which is the same gas found in automobile exhaust.  After entering the body it mixes with hemoglobin in the blood and restrains the oxygen carrying capacity.  The heart will then pump much faster to make up for that restrain, blood vessels are constricted, circulation becomes poor, and much more. It is vital to a healthy dancer that smoking be stopped and life enjoyed.


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