Scientist are Finally Getting a Clue

An article caught my eye the other day in the Globe and Mail. The American Society of Clinical Oncology released that a lack of the Sunshine vitamin is linked to Breast Cancer. It thought that was quite funny, not the breast cancer of course, but that I just wrote about that in my blog a few days ago. And I’m just a simple whole food eating nutrition nut.
What we really need to understand is that anything natural and organic is the best way to receive the vitamins that we need. THE ONLY Natural way to receive vitamin D is from the sun. So why aren’t people getting enough. Because the doctors have been telling us to lather on the sun screen. Not only does that block the sun’s UV rays but it also puts harmful chemicals into our body leading to cancerous cells.
So it is good to know that some people in the medical profession are getting a clue. It makes me laugh thought that 20 years of education and research as well as billions of dollars are spent to come up with a realization like this. This is not rocket science here. We need to awaken to what we are doing to our bodies. Cancer doesn’t just attack us cause we are “the next in line” or because “my mom or dad had it”. WE CAUSE CANCER BY WHAT WE EAT AND PUT INTO OUR BODIES!!!
For the Full Article in the globe and mail, CLICK HERE
Share the message and have a happy healthy day


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