Q & A with Chris about diet and nutrition

I’ve been coresponding with Chris who is very happy to have found someone to chat with about nutrition and lifestyle. I thought I would but this on the blog as she had some great questions that I attempted to answers. Hope you like it.
Hello again. Yes I am very excited tooo.. knowing that there are people that are health conscious is super!!
In a message dated 5/22/2008 6:38:29 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, cschudy@yahoo.com writes:
Hi Dean! excuse me for a minute while i run around the building!! I SOOOOO know about halleujah acres!! and barley max!! and all things that they stand for (God and health and veggies). I’m glad to hear about your stand on Barley max too–in fact i just ordered some from their site last week. I thought about recommending that too my body building friend–i think you just convinced me i need to do that.
– Yes Barley is quite good for energy and repairing muscles. I hope that it goes well with your friends. I can get some for you if you would like!!
I’m so excited we are on the same page. so, here are my 20 questions (ok, maybe only a couple):
1. May I use you as a resource for information? will you help me teach others?
– I would be more than happy to help in any way I can. That is my passion right now!! To help others with health and wellness. I will soon be releasing a program called “the Power Performance Program”. It is a seven lesson course that teaches optimal health. The lessons include diet, living foods, dead foods, exercise, spirituality, and many other things. I will let you know more about that when it is released.

2. Do you recommend a digestive aid for body builders? (it seems with all the powdered and other protein they try to consume, they may benefit? I myself use the product hacres has, but also, I connect with dr. robbins in Tulsa, who has a similar product)
It is important for these guys to have living enzymes in their diet to rebuild their cells. Yes Barley and especially veggie juicing will help. There is also a product called a survival bar which is totally vegan and has over 10 grams of protein in it. This product is excellent and I can get that for you as well.
The problem with most protein shakes is that they have WAY too much protein which causes havoc on the stomach and body. This protein comes mostly from animal products which lead to cancerous cells in the body. Also all the additives including vitamins and minerals are at such a high quantity that they leave deposits in the joints and bones because the body cannot assimlate all of it. This leads to osteo related problems like arthritis. Hope this helps.

3. are you a health minister? a Christian?
Yes I am a Christian and have been an health minister for over three years now. I have never felt better in all of my life. For my ministry/business, I am trying to focus on the health message as I find a lot of people won’t even listen to you when you bring up religion. I think no matter what religion you are, God would want all people to live the best quality of life and enjoy the self – healing body he created. That is why I am creating my own courses and material but still use the amazing resources and products and Hallelujiah Acres.

4. where do you live?
I am currently working on board a cruise ship as an entertainer. I am Canadian and may be moving to Vancouver soon. What about you?

5. how does your family react to your eating style? I think I’m about 75% raw and i am a juice fanatic. in fact, I hope to have or help run a vegan restaurant/juice bar cafe (like hacres) someday up here in wisconsin… we totally need one here! I am a designer/art director at an ad agency now, but I am taking classes to become a natural health counselor..hopefully by this time next year,, which will hopefully lead me toward that goal.
– congrats on all your success. The world is lucky to have someone like you around. At first my family really didn’t understand but I have seen changes in their diet. See the thing is that once you bring awareness, people notice that and it spreads like wildfire. No they haven’t completely given up all the things I have and eat the same way but as they get older and the body starts to break down, they may become more conscious. I am super lucky to have a wife who stands by this diet and follows it with me. In fact we were trained as health ministers together. I am 29 and she is 24. I think we were the youngest couple ever to become health ministers.

6. have you ever taken any of the culinary classes at hacres?
– We had some training in our Health Minister Training. My wife is from Shelby where George Malkumus and Hallelujiah Acres is located. We may take some but I have been in the food business for a while and am very creative so we’ll see.

7. what kind of dance do you coach?
– I am a professional dancer and have been for over twenty years. I trained in all styles of dance including jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and many others. For the last ten years I have been dancing on and off cruise ships as well as performing in many musicals all over Canada. After taking the health minister course three years ago I decided I wanted to bring that into my career and try to help. It is quite challenging being on a cruise and starting something so we are planning to move to Vancouver. I am have finished writing and will soon release the Power Performance Program.

8. how do you help others nutritionally? my friend has actually asked for my input, but, fights me on the no meat issue. calls me his “nutritionist” but is cautious about the information. i kinda like the challenge because, from a health perspective, God has taught me soooo much about nutrition through people like yourself and i just can’t wait to give back…
– This may be blunt but, so forgive me, but animal products are one of the most dangerous things that can be put into the body and are the leading cause of cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many more. First of all they are cooked so they provide almost no nutrients. Although they may have protein, because they are cooked, the molecular structure of the protein changes and is left pretty much unusable.
I have written about this issue on my blog.. please visit https://healthydietandoptimalliving.wordpress.com/2008/03/25/dangers-of-animal-products/
Be sure to read parts two and three as well.. Hopefully this will give you more of an idea of what animals do when in our body. I think it helps for people to really understand how their body is affected. But always remember , YOU cant change your friend. HE has to change because he is compelled to. All you can do is be there for them. In fact just being is probably the most effective strategy. People will surprise you because they notice a lot more than they let on. Keep doing what your doing. It will happen when it happens.


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