Izze Pops : Alternative to Coke, Soda Pops, and Soft Drinks

Yesterday I wrote about the dangers of coke but I’m not going to leave you with just the bad. The good news is that Izze sodas are completely natural and are perfectly fine for you. Of course you wouldn’t want to have three or four a day. They do contain sugars in fruits and too much of any kind of sugar can be bad for the system. But these pops are completely sugar free.. non of that artificial sugar so it is the perfect alternative. Izze pops are just fruit concentrate and water. You can find Izze Pops in your local health food store and they come in many different flavours.


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6 Responses to “Izze Pops : Alternative to Coke, Soda Pops, and Soft Drinks”

  1. alphamanuel Says:

    Yes they are. I’m beating a Coke Cola and Fanta addiction with them and doing just fine. Grapefruit flavor is the best one. Where I find them they only come in cans, but they are just as good. None of that HFCS crap.


  2. alphamanuel Says:

    but should consumers be worried that the Pepsi acquisition of Izze in 2006 might end up in mass production at some point down the line, ergo swtich of key ingredients for cheaper crappier unhealthier ones? That would most definitely piss me off.

  3. ozenblog Says:

    Good for you!! That’s great that you can use this product to help getting off soda. That’s awesome. I sure hope that Pepsi doesn’t take them over. I wonder if they are too little to worry about that right now. I have never seen the cans.. only bottles. Well thanks for writting and good luck.

  4. Rhinoplasty Says:

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