Helpful Hints to Stay Healthy Eating Out at Resturaunt

If a vegan resturant cannot be found or you are invited to a part that you have not chosen the restaurant, remembering these tips can help you stay healthy.

* 90% of restaurants have a house salad or a variation of some sort of salad. Try to include a salad in the meal. Stake houses and other buffets also sometimes have a salad bar. You could always order one of the featured salads less the meat. A good idea is to always have dressing on the side and prefferabley a vinegerette dressing.

* Try having an appetizer as a main course after the salad. Also look for the section of the menu that says “sides”. There are usually selections of seasonal veggies or a baked potato.

* Try to save drinking until after the meal in order to digest the food properly.

* Remember most desserts are full of sugar and animal products. If you have something like an apple pie, ask them to hold the ice cream.

* Have a happy Healthy Day!!!


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