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Grains (especiall refined) are acidic and must be eaten sparingly

June 30, 2008

GRAIN DOES A BODY “BAD” (The Dangers of Refined Grains –
Part 3)

This week we are going to continue sharing the dangers of
refined grains, as well as the potential dangers of
consuming even too many whole grains:


The physical body we each possess was designed by God to
consume predominantly ALKALINE foods, and to maintain an
ALKALINE environment, for both health and survival. Some of
the reasons an alkaline environment is critical to our
health are: (1) In an alkaline environment disease has
great difficulty proliferating. (2) Bone structure is kept
strong. (3) The alkalinity of the blood must be maintained
in order to sustain our very life.

Thus, in order to maintain our health or to overcome
disease, protect our body from disease, maintain a sound
bone structure, and provide sufficient ALKALINITY within
the blood to sustain life, it is of vital importance that
our basic body chemistry be kept ALKALINE!

All foods consumed go through a digestive process where
the food is “burned,” leaving a resulting ash. This ash can
be either NEUTRAL, ACID, or ALKALINE, depending primarily
on the mineral composition of the food. Most foods of
animal origin are acidic and leave an ACID ash. Most fruits
and vegetables are ALKALINE, and leave an ALKALINE ash.
Most grains leave an ACID ash.

When too many ACID foods are consumed, with animal sourced
foods and soda pop, (as well as the consuming of too many
refined ACID grains), being the biggest culprits, the body
becomes ACIDIC. The blood especially, considers an ACID
environment so intolerable, that for survival purposes the
body seeks for a means of neutralizing all this ACIDITY.

The body makes every effort to maintain a pH in the blood
of approximately 7.4 on the pH scale, which is slightly
ALKALINE. On the pH scale, 7.0 is considered neutral, while
everything above 7.0 is ALKALINE, and everything below 7.0
is ACID.

The pH of the blood must be kept ALKALINE for survival! If
the pH of the blood becomes ACID, by dropping to a pH of
6.9 or lower, the body goes into a coma and dies.


In a normal healthy body, there is a very plentiful supply
of calcium, a mineral greatly used by the body for numerous
functions. Calcium is also a very ALKALIZING mineral, and
is found in greatest supply in the bones. When the blood
finds its pH tending ACID (dropping below 7.4 on the pH
scale), the result of consuming too many ACID foods, the
body automatically, and in an effort to maintain and
sustain life, seeks to neutralize that ACIDITY.

Since calcium is a very ALKALIZING mineral, the body will
start drawing calcium from the bones in an effort to
neutralize the ACIDITY. As the ACIDITY of the body
increases, ever increasing amounts of calcium are removed
from the bones to neutralize the ACIDITY.

This removal of calcium from the bones produces what the
medical community calls “Low Bone Density”, or
“Osteoporosis,” resulting in an ever-increasing risk of
bone fracture. Thus it is imperative that we maintain a
good supply of plant source calcium within the body, so
that we can keep our bone structure strong and resistant to
fracture. Calcium supplementation will not do the job, but
can be accomplished by making sure that the foods we eat
contain a proper ratio between ALKALINE and ACID.


The ideal ratio of ALKALINE to ACID is approximately 4 TO
1 – that is four parts (80%) ALKALINE to one part (20%)
ACID. When this ratio is maintained, the body has strong
resistance to disease as well as bone fractures, but when
the diet is overly ACID, disease resistance diminishes, and
bone density decreases.

To overcome disease and low bone density, the greater the
amount of ALKALIZING foods in the diet, the faster the
recovery! ALKALIZING foods neutralize the ACID, strengthen
the immune system, while rebuilding and strengthening the

The Hallelujah Acres Diet is primarily a raw ALKALINE
diet, which produces and maintains an ALKALINE environment
within the body! Some of the most ALKALIZING foods in The
Hallelujah Acres Diet are BarleyMax, carrot juice, and the
abundance of green vegetables the diet contains. These raw
and ALKALIZING foods build up a healthy reserve of ALKALINE
minerals, especially calcium, which are ready on demand to
neutralize any excess ACIDITY, when too many ACID foods are

When the ratio of 4 to 1, ALKALINE to ACID drops to just 3
to 1, health can be seriously challenged! Unbelievably, the
average person of today, on the typical SAD meat based,
highly ACID diet, is consuming a diet that may have a ratio
as low as a 1 to 4, ALKALINE to ACID, or even lower.

The human physical body can only function properly, and
sustain health and a sound bone structure that is resistant
to disease and fracture, when there are adequate ALKALINE
reserves, and the ACID to ALKALINE ratio in the body’s
blood are in proper balance.

Below are tables of common foods, grouped into both ALKALI-


Alfalfa Grass Apple
Barley Grass Apricot
Wheat Grass Banana
Spinach Cantaloupe
Kale Dates
Collard Greens Figs
Lettuce Peaches
Broccoli Grapes
Cauliflower Raisins
Cabbage Watermelon
Carrot Almonds
Beet Brazil Nuts
Celery Coconut
Cucumber Millet


Beef Wheat & most grains
Chicken Rice
Pork Lentils
Veal Most Nuts (except almonds)
Eggs Coffee: pH 4
Milk Beer: pH 2.5
Cheese Coca-Cola: pH 2

From the chart above, you can readily see that most grains
are ACID forming, with the exception of millet and
buckwheat, which are considered ALKALINE. You can also see
that wheat is a highly ACIDIC grain, the grain that is
consumed in greatest quantity in our society, and
especially in its refined form. Sprouted seeds and whole
grains become more ALKALINE in the process of sprouting.

Almost all vegetable and grass juices are HIGHLY ALKALINE!
The most ALKALINE juices are the juices from grasses
(BarleyMax), green vegetables, and spinach, along with
carrots, beets (especially beet tops), and celery. On The
Hallelujah Acres Diet, the abundance of juices and the
abundance of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, helps
the body maintain a predominantly ALKALINE environment,
while the cooked whole grains, seeds and nuts, provide the
20% ACID foods needed to maintain the desired 4 to 1 ratio


If we want to sustain life, maintain our health and keep a
sound bone structure, or recover from health challenges and
low bone density, it is imperative that we nourish our body
with a predominantly raw ALKALINE plant sourced diet, a
diet with a ratio of approximately 80/20, ALKALINE to ACID,
being the ideal.

The Hallelujah Acres diet also provides a ratio that is
approximately 85% raw and 15% cooked. Almost all of the raw
fruits and vegetables are ALKALINE, while allowing 15% of
the diet to be in the cooked form. This cooked portion
includes some ACID foods, especially in the form of cooked
whole grains, and raw seeds and nuts.

Thus the Hallelujah Acres diet, because of the highly
ALKALIZING foods with which it is comprised, keeps the
bones and immune system strong, while helping a person
recover from health challenges and low bone density. But
most important of all, is that on The Hallelujah Acres Diet
the pH of the blood is easily kept in a healthy, life
sustaining, ALKALINE state.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The use of pH strips to determine the
ACIDITY or ALKALINITY of saliva and/or urine are basically
worthless and can be the cause of unnecessary concern. The
pH of both urine and saliva can vary from ACID to ALKALINE
depending on time of day, foods consumed, and other
factors, and thus using pH strips to determine ACIDITY or
ALKALINITY are an unreliable means of determining physical
problems or even body pH.
(by George Malkumus, Founder of Hallelujah Acres)


Raw Holiday Fudge

June 30, 2008

1 cup rolled oats
3/4 cup carob powder
1/4 cup sesame seeds, ground (optional)
1/4 cup sunflower seeds, ground
1/2 cup raw almond butter
6 Medjool dates, pitted, soaked 2 hours, and drained
1/2 to 1 cup walnuts OR pecans, chopped

Place all ingredients in a food processor with S blade, and mix well. Press into a lightly oiled 8″ square pan.

Chill, cut, and serve. Keeps in refrigerator covered for several days. ENJOY!

Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 3: Video Summary

June 28, 2008

In this last segment we discover how to find peace in relationships by understanding the present moment. Most of the time it is our own feelings and emotions that can escalate arguements and disagreements. Try looking within and feeling what ever the moment brings. Click on the Link Below to Watch my Video Summary

Walter Gets Rid of Major Ailments with Diet Change at 79

June 26, 2008

The GOOD NEWS occurred five years ago at the age of 79, when I heard your message, ‘You Don’t Have to be Sick(SM),’ and I adopted The Diet. I am now 84 years of age. When I adopted The Diet five years ago, I was in very bad health, with some major ailments – including angina, prostate troubles, and colon cancer. After submitting to prostate surgery, they informed me I also had prostate cancer and wanted to give me 7 weeks of chemotherapy treatments. I told the doctors ‘NO’, that I wasn’t going to give them permission to do that! Rather, I went on The Diet, and today, five years after making the diet change and at the age of 84, I have no angina pain and no more cancer. I attribute my healing to God, and the healthy trinity of BarleyMax®, Carrot Juice, and Fiber Cleanse. Walter H., Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 2: We are Found as The River of Peace

June 26, 2008

In our line of business we often work contract work. A few months here then pack the bags to another destination. There may be a lot of traveling involved. In these cases the mind often reacts to the change by labeling it bad. Our mind likes order where we have a place to call home and a routine. Change is hard and can often cause panic. Change is inevitable in life and is actually only strange or difficult because our minds have made us believe it is. Nothing in the universe is out of order and every situation, relationship, and event is significant in the totality of the higher order. Who you are is part of an ever changing and ever evolving consciousness. To flow along that river with more ease, become aware of how the mind reacts to change and try to accept the moment instead of allowing anxiety and fear of the future creep in.
The future, the past, are all content of the mind. Content in this world also includes objects, feelings, emotions. So are these actually real? Well they are partly real, the are relative. When waking up in the morning we often remember a dream we may have had. It was not absolutely real but there must have been some element of reality in it or else we would not remember it. So we can now say that there is a sense of duality in life. Absolute reality and relative reality. The dream and the dreamer. But who are we? Neither. The dream is the content in this world or the formation of energy. The dreamer is the person who dreams and is made up of more content and form in body and mind. Who we truly are is the support behind the dream and the dreamer. That which makes the dream possible. It is exciting to realize that we can actually wake up in this relative dream we call life. When we wake up in our existence we are becoming conscious of life. We are truly becoming who we are.

Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 1: Abundance is Found In the Inside

June 23, 2008

So far we have looked mostly at who we are NOT.   So now it is time to really put focus on this and, through doing so, discover who we truly are.  When asked that question “who are you?” descriptions of your name, an occupation, a child, a parent or what ever else you identify with may come to mind. Is this all that you are?  Actually these are just things about you.  This last section will help us to start to know ourselves rather than know about ourselves.
A surprising feature of who we are is that we are full of abundance. The problem is that we usually look to things outside of ourselves for the sense of abundance. We want more money, acceptance, or status.  Actually, these things are already in us because, as we have already seen, we are one with all things through the present moment of consciousness.  Something to work on this week is when you feel like the world is withholding something from you, try to give that thing away to someone else.  If the world is holding wealth from you, try giving to a charity or someone in need. A good motto to remember is outflow determines inflow. Jesus says the more you give the more you receive.  We are abundance and it is our purpose to share this wealth with the universe.

Donna finds Diet to Cure all Disease

June 23, 2008

The following was sent in by Donna L., who lives in Longboat Key,

“Before adopting The Hallelujah Acres Diet, I had been on
a high protein diet for over a year, a diet I had adopted
after reading a book about different blood types. My diet
consisted of mostly meat, I was addicted to sugar and ice
cream, and drank a liter bottle of Diet Pepsi each day.
While on that high protein diet I developed headaches,
foggy thinking, painful joints, esophageal spasms, heart
palpitations, and itchy, dry skin. I also felt depressed
and overwhelmed. Unbelievably, I never connected my
symptoms to my diet. I prayed for guidance, and soon God
directed me to a vegan diet and I started working out with
a personal trainer at the YMCA in Sarasota, Florida. When I
arrived early for one of my sessions, I went to a sitting
area to wait, where I found a table with a pile of
magazines and newspapers of all sorts. In the pile was a
copy of The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle magazine. I
flipped through the pages and was strongly impressed to
pick it up and take it home, but then chastised myself by
saying to myself, ‘I can’t take that, it would be
stealing!’ Finally I asked at the desk if I could take it
home and was told that would be all right. I read the
Hallelujah Acres magazine eagerly. At the time, I was a
vegan, but ate mostly cooked foods. I began eating more and
more raw foods because I was impressed with their taste and
how good the raw foods made me feel. I have now been eating
a diet consisting of approximately 95% raw foods since
January 2008 and all those physical problems that had
developed on the high protein meat diet have disappeared
and as I approach my 57th birthday I feel better than I did
in my 30s, maybe even in my 20s. I feel energized, excited
about life, and vibrantly healthy.

Recipe How To Make a Blended Salad

June 22, 2008


Vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods available to
man! Unfortunately, the nutrients in vegetables are locked
inside sealed compartments called cells, and the human
digestive tract does not possess an enzyme capable of
dissolving these tough shells. As a result, unless a person
breaks these cells open before swallowing, little to none
of the nutrients can be released.

The better a person chews these vegetables the more
nutrients are made available, but sadly, most people do not
chew their vegetables well. This is where a high-speed
blender, such as a Vita Mix excels. When you blend
vegetables in a high-speed blender, maximum nutrients are

Rhonda and this editor used to consume a HUGE vegetable
salad each evening, made with lots of whole vegetables, but
in recent years we have switched almost totally to blending
these salads after we learned how many more nutrients were
made available when we blended our salads before eating.

Following is how we make a blended salad for the two of
us: First we place several tablespoons of our favorite
salad dressing (healthy) into our Vita Mix blender. Then we
add anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 cup of distilled water along
some all purpose herbs and dehydrated onions. If we have
organic tomatoes and/or cucumbers, the liquid can be
reduced to acquire the consistency desired.

Next we add a half to a whole avocado depending on size, a
floret of both broccoli and cauliflower, a large stalk of
celery cut in one inch pieces, a quarter to a half of a cut-
up carrot depending on size. Finally, a large handful of
spinach (or kale. The lid is placed on the blender, and all
vegetables pushed down with the tamper and blended until a
fine puree has been acquired. If you are not able to get
the blender to puree, slowly add more water until all
vegetables have been drawn into the blade.

Note: If you do not have a high-speed blender with a
tamper, instead of cutting up your stalk of celery, use the
celery stalk to push the veggies into the blades, and pulse
until all veggies have been pureed.


Introducing the Painbody: Getting Past Emotions (Part II)

June 19, 2008

The good news is that we can go beyond our egos and pain bodies. This is done through awareness which pushes us into higher consciousness that is who we really are. When the pain body creeps up in us we can become aware of it by noticing how it feels.
The pain body is surprisingly not much different than a chair or the glass you are holding. These objects are what we call “matter” and are made up of atoms and molecules or energy. Energy is in everything and is the same in all things. The only thing that changes is it’s form. It can be a cup, a tree, and even a human. All of our organs, cells and tissues are a form of energy. Although energy is in all things, it operates at different frequencies in everything. Even our emotions are another form of energy operating at a certain frequency. Becoming aware of this frequency is our goal now.
When the pain body creeps up, we can become aware of an energy change in our body. If someone triggers our pain body by criticizing, making fun, or blaming us, we may sense what we call anger in the body. This is just a word that we have given to describe the vibrations of the frequency of energy in our body. Anger, however is just vibration and can be felt at a level before the brain tries to figure out what it is.
So that is the way we can break free. When ever the pain body is triggered try to be aware of the sensations that the body feels in that moment. It may feel painful, sad, or a host of other emotions but living in that moment will help it to dissolve. This is the way of rising above our emotions and truly being more than form or matter on the earth. We are one with our creator.
How does this look in the dancer and the dance world? Instead of trying to rely on our bodies, emotions, and mind to perform we then become one with the greater power. Actually we become one with perfection itself. You may call it God, Buddha, The Great Creator, or better yet nothing. Words or names cannot describe this power of consciousness that is available to us when we let go of our pain bodies and egos and except the present moment.

Introducing the Painbody: Getting Past Emotions (Part 1)

June 17, 2008

Along with thought life, there is another factor which can either hinder or lift the work we do. In our work as dancers we can really deepen our connection with our audience by sharing the emotions inside us. Emotions, however, can be very tricky work and needs to be looked at.

Emotions inside us are also there from the past. Everyone has experienced painful, exciting, and a host of many other emotions from big events in our lives. These are normal but the ego can rear it’s ugly little head and turn these emotions into chains that are very hard to break free from. The ego is defined as identification with things. Emotions are simply things too. They are not the present moment, they are from the past. This is what we will call the Pain Body. The Pain Body loves to hold us back because it wants to cause us suffering as we replay painful experiences from the past over and over again. We need to learn to become aware of the pain body in us by seeing it for what it really is.

Another supplier of the pain body can be the media. Some writers and especially news stations love to tell stories of violence and pain. Of course, not all violent movies are from the pain body if they can show how through pain we can overcome and stretch beyond limitation. Burt there are programs written by the pain body, identification with pain from the past, for the pain body of others. The audience then watches these and feeds the pain body which affects our relationships with others and more importantly the present moment.