Feel the Force: Instruction on Quieting the Mind to Feel Inner Peace

Try to see if you can feel the inner boy during meditation This will help to get out of the mind or thinking and into the body. When feeling the inner body, you are feeling who you truly are which is not what you think. Thinking creates identification with form or a set of ideas and beliefs conditioned by the past. It is an illusion of who you are because it is something the mind makes up. Getting from the head to the body will give you the sense of peace “that passes all understanding”. The mind creates anxiety and stress not the consciousness that is who you are in the body.

In meditation, start with being aware of the breath and see if you can feel the inner body. Start with your hands. You could ask yourself “How do I know I have hands?”. But instead of thinking about the answer, just try to feel it. At first you may sense some tingly sensations and this is the inner body . .. really who you are. Add some more body parts and then eventually you may be able to sense the whole body as one still energy field. I have noticed in my meditation that my mind was saying. “I can’t feel anything”. I was conscious enough to realize that this is exactly what I was supposed to feel.

The mind will try to find the answers to new sensations, but the still, quiet peace found in mediation is what you are looking for. You cannot think it or create it with your mind. It can only be felt. This reminds me of the teachings of the young Jedi in Star Wars movies. You have to feel the force move through you!!!

Have a Happy Healthy Day.

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