Ego and the Voice in the Head.

Have you ever noticed for a moment that we have a voice in our head? Perhaps you have seen what you may call a “crazy person” who sits at a bus stop and talks to themselves. Actually this person isn’t really that crazy after all. The only difference between them and you is that they verbalize the voice in their head. But we all have it.

This voice is not really who we are. These are simply thoughts in our head. They are what is called the content of our mind. Our thoughts of the past or future is the stuff that makes up what we think. The content of our mind works through the structure of our mind. The structure of the mind is built up from the experiences of our past. How we were conditioned by parents, guardians, teachers, etc.

The interesting thing is that most people all over the world have the same voice in the head. And most people think this is a part of who they are. When the voice says my house, my car or my body, we are identifying with the things of our life. Since we are not things, we are then identifying with false sense of who we are. This creates a problem for anyone no matter what religion, race, or gender you are. It is a universal problem and when seen for what it is, can actually unite people instead of creating war and division. We will call this problem the “EGO”. It is both personal (in you) and universal (in everyone).

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