Exploring the Ego Further

At times in our classes or performances we may find ourselves complaining. This is the ego creeping up in us. The ego is never satisfied and always wants something more that what is in the present moment. If we can become aware that complaining is the ego, then we can move beyond that to a recognition that all things are meant to be and that the present moment is all that is important.

The ego can also show itself in the need to feel superior to others. This is very prevalent in the competitive nature of the dance world. This may seem contradictory to everything you have heard about trying to be number one in all you do and in some cases people will do what ever means necessary to get there. But really the future is simply a thought in our mind. Chasing after what the ego wants can sometimes cause suffering to those around us. In fact to be “the best” at anything means that you are relying on thousands or millions of others to fail. True happiness and fulfillment can come from the peace of the acceptance of the present moment.

This quality of the ego will also affect the way that we relate to others. If we are striving to be famous we are striving to live in a make believe world in where we only exist. We may relate to others but usually only to gain something from them to help ourselves. What may seem like a nice gesture to invite a friend out for a drink is perhaps our motive is to find out some of their contacts and use them to get jobs and such. Being famous and the need to be superior are all signs that the ego is at work. It would be a good idea to pay attention to this and recognize it for what it is.


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