Undercover Actors: Uncovering the way We Act and Role Play in Relationships

Another way the ego manifests itself in our lives is through roles. These are ways of acting when relating to others that the ego uses to make itself bigger. This is it’s main purpose in us. If you are a student you may take on the student role and act differently towards your teacher than the rest of your class. This “acting” is the ego in you feeding you thoughts about how it is appropriate to act and what is expected of you from the teacher. So really another way to look at this that the ego in you is actually the one who is relating to the ego in the teacher. Well actually it is more like the ego’s version of what it thinks should be the ego of the teacher. At any rate this is all false and the real you is not relating. Become aware of the roles you play in life and realize that you are not the role. You are the awareness that is aware that you are playing that role.

Another common role we play is with our children. Parent and child is a problem worth looking at here. Perhaps you have a child or you plan to have one some time in the future. If you can become aware, you may see that your ego has built a role in that relationship too. Of course it is important to care for the child’s needs and guide them, but these are functions, they are not defining roles. It can be a great benefit to the relationship to practice just being with the child. In fact, we are called human beings. We have the human part right but we struggle with the being. Our minds have made up an agenda and we must do this at this time and make sure they are being productive, etc. Practice being in the relationship with children. This will help how they relate to you as a being as well as a human. You will cease to be parent and will be equal. This is what the child really needs from you. To be loved is to see yourself in another person.

One of the most powerful breakthroughs to be made in the awareness of the ego in you is in the workplace. Weather it be on the stage or in class, we are mostly looking out for number one. The truth is, however, that if we can align ourselves with the source of who we are, which is the same as everyone else, we may find a much more powerful realm of existence where we are all equal and are all working together. In our culture it is subliminally taught through media that we must try to be better than others and that we must keep ourselves distant from the competition. So for us to be “the best” at anything means that hundreds or thousands of people have to fail. That doesn’t see very nice. If we had a class or cast of performers who work, share, and learn together, the possibilities of growth would be endless. The universe would then bend over backwards to help us. Jobs may come out of nowhere. New and exciting skills could be introduced. Try and be aware of how your ego is holding you back at work.


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