Blending Vegetables Makes for a Healthy Meal

The following information comes from Dr. Russell Blaylock, and was taken from his May, 2008 Blaylock Report publication: “The most important health changes you can
make in life are through your diet . . . . Critical is a high intake of vegetables . . . . Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, and hundreds of special
disease-fighting chemicals called flavonoids. . . .

“Just eating raw vegetables is healthy, but to release these healthy chemicals for maximum absorption you have to break into the plant cells, since we do not have the
enzymes necessary to do that. Blenderizing the vegetables. . . . releases these chemicals in high concentrations so they can easily be absorbed. . . .”



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2 Responses to “Blending Vegetables Makes for a Healthy Meal”

  1. Says:

    Cool. My favorite way to eat vegetables. Add some soy protein isolate (1g carbs, 27g protein), unsweetened soy, and stevia and ginger. Very tasty!

    Plus you can get through about 5 servings in one smoothie.

  2. ozenblog Says:

    Yeah eating blended veggies is quite nice. It is better to try to stick to the raw food instead of adding all the vitamin blend. These are chemically manufactured and don’t really help the body as they leave toxins in the body. Vitamins at large quantities actually don’t absorb very well in this state and leave deposits in the body which can do harm. There are some whole food and vegan alternatives that may be worth looking at.

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