Introducing the Painbody: Getting Past Emotions (Part 1)

Along with thought life, there is another factor which can either hinder or lift the work we do. In our work as dancers we can really deepen our connection with our audience by sharing the emotions inside us. Emotions, however, can be very tricky work and needs to be looked at.

Emotions inside us are also there from the past. Everyone has experienced painful, exciting, and a host of many other emotions from big events in our lives. These are normal but the ego can rear it’s ugly little head and turn these emotions into chains that are very hard to break free from. The ego is defined as identification with things. Emotions are simply things too. They are not the present moment, they are from the past. This is what we will call the Pain Body. The Pain Body loves to hold us back because it wants to cause us suffering as we replay painful experiences from the past over and over again. We need to learn to become aware of the pain body in us by seeing it for what it really is.

Another supplier of the pain body can be the media. Some writers and especially news stations love to tell stories of violence and pain. Of course, not all violent movies are from the pain body if they can show how through pain we can overcome and stretch beyond limitation. Burt there are programs written by the pain body, identification with pain from the past, for the pain body of others. The audience then watches these and feeds the pain body which affects our relationships with others and more importantly the present moment.


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