Introducing the Painbody: Getting Past Emotions (Part II)

The good news is that we can go beyond our egos and pain bodies. This is done through awareness which pushes us into higher consciousness that is who we really are. When the pain body creeps up in us we can become aware of it by noticing how it feels.
The pain body is surprisingly not much different than a chair or the glass you are holding. These objects are what we call “matter” and are made up of atoms and molecules or energy. Energy is in everything and is the same in all things. The only thing that changes is it’s form. It can be a cup, a tree, and even a human. All of our organs, cells and tissues are a form of energy. Although energy is in all things, it operates at different frequencies in everything. Even our emotions are another form of energy operating at a certain frequency. Becoming aware of this frequency is our goal now.
When the pain body creeps up, we can become aware of an energy change in our body. If someone triggers our pain body by criticizing, making fun, or blaming us, we may sense what we call anger in the body. This is just a word that we have given to describe the vibrations of the frequency of energy in our body. Anger, however is just vibration and can be felt at a level before the brain tries to figure out what it is.
So that is the way we can break free. When ever the pain body is triggered try to be aware of the sensations that the body feels in that moment. It may feel painful, sad, or a host of other emotions but living in that moment will help it to dissolve. This is the way of rising above our emotions and truly being more than form or matter on the earth. We are one with our creator.
How does this look in the dancer and the dance world? Instead of trying to rely on our bodies, emotions, and mind to perform we then become one with the greater power. Actually we become one with perfection itself. You may call it God, Buddha, The Great Creator, or better yet nothing. Words or names cannot describe this power of consciousness that is available to us when we let go of our pain bodies and egos and except the present moment.


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