Recipe How To Make a Blended Salad


Vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods available to
man! Unfortunately, the nutrients in vegetables are locked
inside sealed compartments called cells, and the human
digestive tract does not possess an enzyme capable of
dissolving these tough shells. As a result, unless a person
breaks these cells open before swallowing, little to none
of the nutrients can be released.

The better a person chews these vegetables the more
nutrients are made available, but sadly, most people do not
chew their vegetables well. This is where a high-speed
blender, such as a Vita Mix excels. When you blend
vegetables in a high-speed blender, maximum nutrients are

Rhonda and this editor used to consume a HUGE vegetable
salad each evening, made with lots of whole vegetables, but
in recent years we have switched almost totally to blending
these salads after we learned how many more nutrients were
made available when we blended our salads before eating.

Following is how we make a blended salad for the two of
us: First we place several tablespoons of our favorite
salad dressing (healthy) into our Vita Mix blender. Then we
add anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 cup of distilled water along
some all purpose herbs and dehydrated onions. If we have
organic tomatoes and/or cucumbers, the liquid can be
reduced to acquire the consistency desired.

Next we add a half to a whole avocado depending on size, a
floret of both broccoli and cauliflower, a large stalk of
celery cut in one inch pieces, a quarter to a half of a cut-
up carrot depending on size. Finally, a large handful of
spinach (or kale. The lid is placed on the blender, and all
vegetables pushed down with the tamper and blended until a
fine puree has been acquired. If you are not able to get
the blender to puree, slowly add more water until all
vegetables have been drawn into the blade.

Note: If you do not have a high-speed blender with a
tamper, instead of cutting up your stalk of celery, use the
celery stalk to push the veggies into the blades, and pulse
until all veggies have been pureed.


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