Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 1: Abundance is Found In the Inside

So far we have looked mostly at who we are NOT.   So now it is time to really put focus on this and, through doing so, discover who we truly are.  When asked that question “who are you?” descriptions of your name, an occupation, a child, a parent or what ever else you identify with may come to mind. Is this all that you are?  Actually these are just things about you.  This last section will help us to start to know ourselves rather than know about ourselves.
A surprising feature of who we are is that we are full of abundance. The problem is that we usually look to things outside of ourselves for the sense of abundance. We want more money, acceptance, or status.  Actually, these things are already in us because, as we have already seen, we are one with all things through the present moment of consciousness.  Something to work on this week is when you feel like the world is withholding something from you, try to give that thing away to someone else.  If the world is holding wealth from you, try giving to a charity or someone in need. A good motto to remember is outflow determines inflow. Jesus says the more you give the more you receive.  We are abundance and it is our purpose to share this wealth with the universe.


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