Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 2: We are Found as The River of Peace

In our line of business we often work contract work. A few months here then pack the bags to another destination. There may be a lot of traveling involved. In these cases the mind often reacts to the change by labeling it bad. Our mind likes order where we have a place to call home and a routine. Change is hard and can often cause panic. Change is inevitable in life and is actually only strange or difficult because our minds have made us believe it is. Nothing in the universe is out of order and every situation, relationship, and event is significant in the totality of the higher order. Who you are is part of an ever changing and ever evolving consciousness. To flow along that river with more ease, become aware of how the mind reacts to change and try to accept the moment instead of allowing anxiety and fear of the future creep in.
The future, the past, are all content of the mind. Content in this world also includes objects, feelings, emotions. So are these actually real? Well they are partly real, the are relative. When waking up in the morning we often remember a dream we may have had. It was not absolutely real but there must have been some element of reality in it or else we would not remember it. So we can now say that there is a sense of duality in life. Absolute reality and relative reality. The dream and the dreamer. But who are we? Neither. The dream is the content in this world or the formation of energy. The dreamer is the person who dreams and is made up of more content and form in body and mind. Who we truly are is the support behind the dream and the dreamer. That which makes the dream possible. It is exciting to realize that we can actually wake up in this relative dream we call life. When we wake up in our existence we are becoming conscious of life. We are truly becoming who we are.


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