Cow’s Milk Linked to Type One Diabetes

“A new study adds more evidence that cow’s milk proteins
trigger Type 1 diabetes. Marcia Goldfarb of Anatek-EP, a
protein research laboratory in Portland, Maine, reports
having found antibodies of bovine beta-lactoglobulin in the
serum of children with diabetes. Individuals without
diabetes did not have the antibody. Type 1 diabetes is
believed to be caused when antibodies destroy the insulin-
producing pancreatic cells. Several studies have suggested
that cow’s milk proteins may trigger the production of
these dangerous antibodies… ”

This recent research confirms what Dr. T. Colin Campbell,
PhD, had to say on this same subject in his book The China
Study, on page 187:

“In the case of Type 1 diabetes, the immune system attacks
the pancreas cells responsible for producing insulin. This
devastating, incurable disease strikes children, creating a
painful and difficult experience for young families. What
most people don’t know, though, is that there is strong
evidence that this disease is linked to diet and, more
specifically to dairy products. The ability of cow’s milk
protein to initiate Type 1 diabetes is well documented.”

EDITORS COMMENTS: Dr. Campbell’s book devotes 8 pages to
explaining the relationship of cow’s milk to Type 1
diabetes, concluding with the following: “Human breast milk
is the perfect food for an infant, and one of the most
dangerous things a mother can do is to substitute the milk
of the cow for her own [breast milk].”

For an in-depth study of the relationship of all animal
sourced foods to human physical problems, I strongly
suggest you obtain a copy of Dr. Campbell’s book, The China
Study. Thoroughly scientifically documented, this 417 page
book will give you the ammunition you need to convince the
biggest skeptic, or if you personally have any doubts of
the relationship of animal source foods to disease, this
book is a must read. Contact me For the Book if you’d Like.


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One Response to “Cow’s Milk Linked to Type One Diabetes”

  1. Gayle Lundquist Says:

    To Whom It May Concern: A question re: these studies. Is there any evidence that adults drinking milk and/or cream showing similar problems with insulin and diabetes? My grandmother had diabetes, I want to be sure my diet is safe.

    Thank you,

    Gayle Lundquist

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