About Me

I’m Dean O. A professional dancer and nutrition coach. I’m an instructor and health minister with Halelujiah Acres as well as a fitness instructor with Good Life Fitness/Les Mills Programs. My passion is to help you acheive your goals for your body and how you want to feel. I know oragnic natural ways to heal disease and sickness as well as gain energy, loose weight, and feel amazing every day of your life. This is really remarkable stuff. Please contact me. I would love to get to know you and see how I can serve you.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Carrie Buchwalter Says:

    Dear Dean,

    You’ve mentioned Izze on your blog multiple times in the last month as an alternative to soda. May I suggest another brand of sparkling juice for your readers?

    Fizzy Lizzy is a line of all-natural fruit-based sparkling beverages with no extra sugars or additives. You can check out our website (http://www.fizzylizzy.com) or let me know your address and a phone number for delivery purposes and I’d be happy to get you a bottle or two. My email address is carrie at fizzylizzy dot com.

    Additionally, I noticed a few comments on your posts involved consumers worrying over Pepsi’s ownership of Izze. Fizzy Lizzy is a tiny company still owned by Liz Morrill (our namesake) and consists of only a handful of employees.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


    Carrie Buchwalter

  2. Taylor Corrado Says:

    Hi Dean,

    My name is Taylor from Luvli Foods Inc. and I would to give you a sneak peak of our new product, Smashies, a convenient, no mess on-the-go fruit sauce snack. I was looking at your blog and thought you would be a perfect fit for our new product.

    • It’s organic, with no added sugar.
    • It comes in a fun, squeezy pouch that kids will love.
    • It’s a simple snack that you can throw into a lunchbox, backpack or into the backseat!
    • The first flavor will be Snappy Apple, with an additional three flavors to come!

    If you are interested in more information about the product and would like to receive some samples in the near future for review, please contact me at taylor.corrado@smashies.com. I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    Taylor Corrado
    Smashies Pouches, Inc.
    617-482-1282 x103

  3. Mike Burlingame Says:

    Feedback on Healthy Diet and Optimal Living

    I visited your blog, Healthy Diet and Optimal Living located at https://healthydietandoptimalliving.wordpress.com/ recently. I must say, I’m quite impressed by the blog’s content. In particular, I really liked https://healthydietandoptimalliving.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/danny-healed-naturally-with-diet-change-from-type-2-diabetes/.

    Good job!

    I’d like to know if you’d be interested in having me as a guest writer for your blog. I am a features writer working with MiracleFruitPlus.com. I’d like to write a free 300 to 400 word blog entry for you. I have a few years experience and would really enjoy writing one or two guest blog entries for your blog.

    If you’d like to take me up on my offer, please send me a topic and a quick outline of what you’d like the article to say. Please give me as much detail as possible so I can make the blog entry meet your specifications as much as possible.

    In exchange for this free blog entry, I would like to request a linkback to MiracleFruitPlus in the body of the blog entry somewhere using the title tag “miracle fruit.”

    I look forward to your response

    Best Regards,

    Mike Burlingame

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