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Stress caused by Money. Learn How to Eliminate Debt and Eliminate Headaches

July 3, 2008

This site tries to educate you how to become healthy naturally. This includes ALL aspects of your life, not just diet or cleansing. Stress can cause toxin in your body and can be seen is little things such as stomach pains or headaches. Combine that with an unhealthy eating habit, and you could have a heart attack. One of the major causes of stress in our lives come from money or more specifically lack of it or even worse, debt. I am currently reading Kevin Trudeau’s book entitled Debt Cures They don’t Want You to Know About. This uncovers some of the hidden ways in which you can eliminate or lower debt and therefore get rid of a lot of headache and stress. I highly recommend reading this book which not only teaches on lowering debt but also on achieving wealth including discovering possible FREE MONEY!!


Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 3: Video Summary

June 28, 2008

In this last segment we discover how to find peace in relationships by understanding the present moment. Most of the time it is our own feelings and emotions that can escalate arguements and disagreements. Try looking within and feeling what ever the moment brings. Click on the Link Below to Watch my Video Summary

Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 2: We are Found as The River of Peace

June 26, 2008

In our line of business we often work contract work. A few months here then pack the bags to another destination. There may be a lot of traveling involved. In these cases the mind often reacts to the change by labeling it bad. Our mind likes order where we have a place to call home and a routine. Change is hard and can often cause panic. Change is inevitable in life and is actually only strange or difficult because our minds have made us believe it is. Nothing in the universe is out of order and every situation, relationship, and event is significant in the totality of the higher order. Who you are is part of an ever changing and ever evolving consciousness. To flow along that river with more ease, become aware of how the mind reacts to change and try to accept the moment instead of allowing anxiety and fear of the future creep in.
The future, the past, are all content of the mind. Content in this world also includes objects, feelings, emotions. So are these actually real? Well they are partly real, the are relative. When waking up in the morning we often remember a dream we may have had. It was not absolutely real but there must have been some element of reality in it or else we would not remember it. So we can now say that there is a sense of duality in life. Absolute reality and relative reality. The dream and the dreamer. But who are we? Neither. The dream is the content in this world or the formation of energy. The dreamer is the person who dreams and is made up of more content and form in body and mind. Who we truly are is the support behind the dream and the dreamer. That which makes the dream possible. It is exciting to realize that we can actually wake up in this relative dream we call life. When we wake up in our existence we are becoming conscious of life. We are truly becoming who we are.

Discovering Who You Are From the Inside Out! Part 1: Abundance is Found In the Inside

June 23, 2008

So far we have looked mostly at who we are NOT.   So now it is time to really put focus on this and, through doing so, discover who we truly are.  When asked that question “who are you?” descriptions of your name, an occupation, a child, a parent or what ever else you identify with may come to mind. Is this all that you are?  Actually these are just things about you.  This last section will help us to start to know ourselves rather than know about ourselves.
A surprising feature of who we are is that we are full of abundance. The problem is that we usually look to things outside of ourselves for the sense of abundance. We want more money, acceptance, or status.  Actually, these things are already in us because, as we have already seen, we are one with all things through the present moment of consciousness.  Something to work on this week is when you feel like the world is withholding something from you, try to give that thing away to someone else.  If the world is holding wealth from you, try giving to a charity or someone in need. A good motto to remember is outflow determines inflow. Jesus says the more you give the more you receive.  We are abundance and it is our purpose to share this wealth with the universe.

Introducing the Painbody: Getting Past Emotions (Part II)

June 19, 2008

The good news is that we can go beyond our egos and pain bodies. This is done through awareness which pushes us into higher consciousness that is who we really are. When the pain body creeps up in us we can become aware of it by noticing how it feels.
The pain body is surprisingly not much different than a chair or the glass you are holding. These objects are what we call “matter” and are made up of atoms and molecules or energy. Energy is in everything and is the same in all things. The only thing that changes is it’s form. It can be a cup, a tree, and even a human. All of our organs, cells and tissues are a form of energy. Although energy is in all things, it operates at different frequencies in everything. Even our emotions are another form of energy operating at a certain frequency. Becoming aware of this frequency is our goal now.
When the pain body creeps up, we can become aware of an energy change in our body. If someone triggers our pain body by criticizing, making fun, or blaming us, we may sense what we call anger in the body. This is just a word that we have given to describe the vibrations of the frequency of energy in our body. Anger, however is just vibration and can be felt at a level before the brain tries to figure out what it is.
So that is the way we can break free. When ever the pain body is triggered try to be aware of the sensations that the body feels in that moment. It may feel painful, sad, or a host of other emotions but living in that moment will help it to dissolve. This is the way of rising above our emotions and truly being more than form or matter on the earth. We are one with our creator.
How does this look in the dancer and the dance world? Instead of trying to rely on our bodies, emotions, and mind to perform we then become one with the greater power. Actually we become one with perfection itself. You may call it God, Buddha, The Great Creator, or better yet nothing. Words or names cannot describe this power of consciousness that is available to us when we let go of our pain bodies and egos and except the present moment.

Introducing the Painbody: Getting Past Emotions (Part 1)

June 17, 2008

Along with thought life, there is another factor which can either hinder or lift the work we do. In our work as dancers we can really deepen our connection with our audience by sharing the emotions inside us. Emotions, however, can be very tricky work and needs to be looked at.

Emotions inside us are also there from the past. Everyone has experienced painful, exciting, and a host of many other emotions from big events in our lives. These are normal but the ego can rear it’s ugly little head and turn these emotions into chains that are very hard to break free from. The ego is defined as identification with things. Emotions are simply things too. They are not the present moment, they are from the past. This is what we will call the Pain Body. The Pain Body loves to hold us back because it wants to cause us suffering as we replay painful experiences from the past over and over again. We need to learn to become aware of the pain body in us by seeing it for what it really is.

Another supplier of the pain body can be the media. Some writers and especially news stations love to tell stories of violence and pain. Of course, not all violent movies are from the pain body if they can show how through pain we can overcome and stretch beyond limitation. Burt there are programs written by the pain body, identification with pain from the past, for the pain body of others. The audience then watches these and feeds the pain body which affects our relationships with others and more importantly the present moment.

Quote from Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: I Am Life

June 16, 2008

I thought I would share a bit from my new favorite book “A New Earth”. I am reading it for the second time and came across this very elegantly written quote by Eckhart Tolle. It is talking about the Ego which we have been looking at this week in the blogs. I like it because it helps us to see another dimension to life beyond what is physical. Eckhart cleverly writes about how we can get caught up in identification with our minds and forget that we are one with all life. We are the same as one another. This is from page 128..

“There is no such thing as “my life”, and I don’t have a life. Iam life. I and life are one. It cannot be otherwise. So how could I lose my life? How can I lose something that I don’t have in the first place? How can I lose something that I Am? It is impossible.”

Definately recommend reading A New Earth. It can help you to gain more peace in your life as you awaken to the deep resivour of who you really are. The I Am. Being. Stillness. This is what you are created as. You are one with the creator and will all things. Let life dance through you!!!

Undercover Actors: Uncovering the way We Act and Role Play in Relationships

June 12, 2008

Another way the ego manifests itself in our lives is through roles. These are ways of acting when relating to others that the ego uses to make itself bigger. This is it’s main purpose in us. If you are a student you may take on the student role and act differently towards your teacher than the rest of your class. This “acting” is the ego in you feeding you thoughts about how it is appropriate to act and what is expected of you from the teacher. So really another way to look at this that the ego in you is actually the one who is relating to the ego in the teacher. Well actually it is more like the ego’s version of what it thinks should be the ego of the teacher. At any rate this is all false and the real you is not relating. Become aware of the roles you play in life and realize that you are not the role. You are the awareness that is aware that you are playing that role.

Another common role we play is with our children. Parent and child is a problem worth looking at here. Perhaps you have a child or you plan to have one some time in the future. If you can become aware, you may see that your ego has built a role in that relationship too. Of course it is important to care for the child’s needs and guide them, but these are functions, they are not defining roles. It can be a great benefit to the relationship to practice just being with the child. In fact, we are called human beings. We have the human part right but we struggle with the being. Our minds have made up an agenda and we must do this at this time and make sure they are being productive, etc. Practice being in the relationship with children. This will help how they relate to you as a being as well as a human. You will cease to be parent and will be equal. This is what the child really needs from you. To be loved is to see yourself in another person.

One of the most powerful breakthroughs to be made in the awareness of the ego in you is in the workplace. Weather it be on the stage or in class, we are mostly looking out for number one. The truth is, however, that if we can align ourselves with the source of who we are, which is the same as everyone else, we may find a much more powerful realm of existence where we are all equal and are all working together. In our culture it is subliminally taught through media that we must try to be better than others and that we must keep ourselves distant from the competition. So for us to be “the best” at anything means that hundreds or thousands of people have to fail. That doesn’t see very nice. If we had a class or cast of performers who work, share, and learn together, the possibilities of growth would be endless. The universe would then bend over backwards to help us. Jobs may come out of nowhere. New and exciting skills could be introduced. Try and be aware of how your ego is holding you back at work.

Exploring the Ego Further

June 10, 2008

At times in our classes or performances we may find ourselves complaining. This is the ego creeping up in us. The ego is never satisfied and always wants something more that what is in the present moment. If we can become aware that complaining is the ego, then we can move beyond that to a recognition that all things are meant to be and that the present moment is all that is important.

The ego can also show itself in the need to feel superior to others. This is very prevalent in the competitive nature of the dance world. This may seem contradictory to everything you have heard about trying to be number one in all you do and in some cases people will do what ever means necessary to get there. But really the future is simply a thought in our mind. Chasing after what the ego wants can sometimes cause suffering to those around us. In fact to be “the best” at anything means that you are relying on thousands or millions of others to fail. True happiness and fulfillment can come from the peace of the acceptance of the present moment.

This quality of the ego will also affect the way that we relate to others. If we are striving to be famous we are striving to live in a make believe world in where we only exist. We may relate to others but usually only to gain something from them to help ourselves. What may seem like a nice gesture to invite a friend out for a drink is perhaps our motive is to find out some of their contacts and use them to get jobs and such. Being famous and the need to be superior are all signs that the ego is at work. It would be a good idea to pay attention to this and recognize it for what it is.

Ego and the Voice in the Head.

June 9, 2008

Have you ever noticed for a moment that we have a voice in our head? Perhaps you have seen what you may call a “crazy person” who sits at a bus stop and talks to themselves. Actually this person isn’t really that crazy after all. The only difference between them and you is that they verbalize the voice in their head. But we all have it.

This voice is not really who we are. These are simply thoughts in our head. They are what is called the content of our mind. Our thoughts of the past or future is the stuff that makes up what we think. The content of our mind works through the structure of our mind. The structure of the mind is built up from the experiences of our past. How we were conditioned by parents, guardians, teachers, etc.

The interesting thing is that most people all over the world have the same voice in the head. And most people think this is a part of who they are. When the voice says my house, my car or my body, we are identifying with the things of our life. Since we are not things, we are then identifying with false sense of who we are. This creates a problem for anyone no matter what religion, race, or gender you are. It is a universal problem and when seen for what it is, can actually unite people instead of creating war and division. We will call this problem the “EGO”. It is both personal (in you) and universal (in everyone).