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Wake Up and Don’t Smell the Coffee. Dangers of Coffee

August 4, 2008

This is exerpts from another great article by George Malkumus .  This is one of the hardest things to give up when transferring to another diet but, as you’ll read, will make you feel a lot better.

Let me preface this week’s article by saying that
everything we place into our body through our mouth,
affects the health of our physical body – either for good
or for bad. Thus, if we desire good health, we MUST
carefully consider what we place into our mouth.

What most people do not realize is that almost every
physical problem they experience through life, other than
accidents of course, is CAUSED by something THEY placed
into their MOUTH.

In this Health Tip we are going to turn our attention to
NICOTINE, a non-food substance that DOES A BODY “BAD.”

Let’s begin by turning to Webster’s Dictionary for a
definition of “Nicotine”: “a colorless, oily, water-
soluble, HIGHLY TOXIC liquid alkaloid, C10H14N2, found in
tobacco and valued as an insecticide.”

Please note the words “HIGHLY TOXIC”. Again we turn to
Webster for the definition of another word, “TOXIC”:
“acting as or having the effect of a POISON; poisonous, a

*Nearly 500,000 (one-half million) people die prematurely
each year from tobacco-related diseases. This accounts for
a greater number of deaths than those caused by alcohol,
cocaine, crack, heroin, AIDS, homicides, suicides, car
crashes and fires COMBINED!

*Tobacco use is the Number One cause of preventable deaths
in our country, while one in every five deaths can be
attributed to smoking. That is 20% of all deaths in our
country could be prevented, if only people would stop

*Tobacco use shortens the user’s life by an average of 21

*Tobacco is a highly toxic and addicting drug! The U. S.
Government has issued a statement that tobacco is every bit
as addicting as heroin. (Smokeless tobacco is every bit as
addictive and dangerous to the body as is tobacco that is

*The American Lung Association states that tobacco
contains over 500 known toxins, the worst being nicotine,
tars, and carbon monoxide. These cytoplasmic poisons are
drawn into the lungs and absorbed into the blood stream
with every puff on the cigarette by the smoker.

*It is not unusual for a cigarette smoker to look a good
10 to 15 years older than others in the same age bracket.


Most cigarette smokers begin their addiction with the very
first cigarette! That first cigarette usually takes place
as an adolescent, often because of peer pressure, a desire
to act grown up, or not wanting to be different from the

However, while that first cigarette often causes violent
coughing, if the person continues to smoke, it isn’t long
before the coughing subsides and the drug nicotine,
contained within the smoke of that cigarette, starts
bringing a feeling of pleasure. Not realizing that nicotine
is among the most powerful of all known stimulant drugs,
smoking quickly becomes an addiction.

No one has ever become a nicotine addict who refused that
first cigarette (or chew)! But a non-smoker who lights up
more than 2 cigarettes in a row has only a 15% chance of
remaining a non-smoker. In other words, a person who lights
up just 2 cigarettes in a row has an 85% chance of becoming

Eighty percent of men and sixty percent of women smokers
average at least a pack of 20 cigarettes a day – that’s
over one cigarette per waking hour. Heavy smokers need a
fix every 20 to 30 minutes – and often smoke 2-3 packs a

The primary reason people continue to smoke, even after
they have learned how harmful smoking is to their body, is
because of a biochemical ADDICTION.

The curse of this addicting drug is that it makes the
smoker feel good as long as they are taking the drug into
their body and rotten when they stop. When a person tries
to stop the nicotine (drug) intake, and as the body
attempts to free itself of the drug, the body, because of
the addiction, DEMANDS more.

If a cigarette is not smoked within a given amount of
time, that person can begin to experience any of the
following drug withdrawal symptoms: nervousness,
drowsiness, anxiety, headaches, energy loss, sweating,
hostility, heart palpitations, cramps, tremors, and/or
irrationality. Not wanting to suffer through these
withdrawal symptoms, 85% of smokers who attempt to quit,

Besides the ADDICTION, other reasons people continue to
smoke include: stimulation, relaxation, tension coping,
habit, biochemical addiction, and possibly even an
unconscious need for self-destruction or possibly even
punishment due to a poor self-image. But for whatever
reason, cigarette smoking is one of the most destructive,
addictive habits a person can ever enslave himself or
herself to!

Of the 50,000,000 (fifty million) Americans who smoke,
between 33% and 50% of them will die, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY
SMOKE. One pack a day smokers are twice as likely to die
from lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and heart disease
than nonsmokers! 91% of lung cancer patients die within 5

The average, potentially FATAL “cancer stick dose” is
125,000 cigarettes! Smoking just one pack a day for 17
years adds up to approximately 125,000 cigarettes (6,250
packs), costing approximately $20,000. If a person starts
smoking at age 13 and lives long enough to reach age 63,
they will have put a match to 365,000 cigarettes, at a cost
of over $60,000 dollars, producing nothing more than TOXIC

Women on birth control pills who smoke, run an even higher
risk of developing hardening of the arteries, blood
clotting, and heart disease than those women who do not
smoke. Pregnant women who smoke endanger the health of the
unborn fetus through “passive smoking.”


The Rest of the Story on Problems with Eating Refined Grains in Diet

July 14, 2008


Refined grains are one of the starchiest foods consumed by
humans and present an overwhelmingly difficult task for the
digestive system. Refined grains also cause mucus
formation. Since 1965, scientists have repeatedly linked
high gluten consumption, coming from REFINED grains, to
learning disorders and schizophrenia. (Those with gluten
intolerance cannot handle whole grains that contain gluten


Gluten is the “grayish, sticky component of wheat flour
and other grain flours, composed mainly of the proteins
gladin and glutenin” (Webster)
Not all grains contain gluten. Examples of those that do
not contain gluten include millet, amaranth and quinoa.

REFINED grains such as wheat, which is exceptionally high
in gluten, can produce many physical and mental problems,
in addition to celiac disease, which many are aware of.
Problems linked to high gluten intake can include: asthma,
allergies, gluten intolerance, digestive disturbances,
yeast infections, various mucus and congestive
disturbances, several types of arthritis, and even chronic
overeating. (Source: “Grain Damage” by Douglas Graham, D.C.)


REFINED grains are addictive! We have found that when a
person decides to adopt The Hallelujah Diet, REFINED sugar,
along with REFINED grains, are the two most difficult items
to eliminate from the diet – much more difficult than
eliminating animal source foods. WHY? – Because these
sugars have a very powerful addictive influence upon the
body – as powerful as nicotine and alcohol for some.

Another thing we need to remember concerning REFINED
grains is that whenever a food has been fragmented, it is
nutrient-deficient and always results in lower levels of
nutrition and health. This is the case concerning REFINED
grain products. Because REFINED grains do not provide
satisfaction at the cellular level, the body continues to
be hungry – continuing to seek adequate nutrients to
satisfy nutritional needs. This leads to overeating.

Sadly, all these REFINED foods have produced a nation of
overfed, undernourished, predominantly overweight people.
The Hallelujah Diet by comparison, produces a people who
are properly nourished while at the same time consuming a
much lower volume of food. The Hallelujah Diet contributes
to a person being of ideal weight, along with possessing a
healthy, strong physical body, a sound mind, and an
uncompromised immune system.


We need to remember that the immune system was built into
each of our physical bodies to protect us from the germs,
viruses, and bacteria of this world. Our immune system is
our first line of defense! REFINED grains, which convert
very rapidly to sugar, along with REFINED sugar, suppress
the immune system, keeping it from being able to perform
its God given tasks.

Does this not give us a clue as to why so many people
experience infections, colds, the flu, along with other flu
like symptoms, and more? Since this editor adopted a
predominantly raw plant based diet, free of any REFINED
grains or sugars over 32 years ago, I have not experienced
any infections, the flu, or even a cold, not even one time.

Does not the Bible tell us that we will reap what we sow
in Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for
whatsoever a man [or woman] soweth, that shall he [or she]
also reap.”


Finally, refined grains are associated with not only
malnutrition and decreased resistance to disease, mental
instability, and being overweight, but REFINED grains
impact our quality of life. REFINED grains cause or
increase the severity of PMS, decrease cognitive or
intellectual function, especially in children, and along
with REFINED sugar also contribute to our current epidemic
of heart disease, and so much more.

Following is just a partial list of other health problems
related to the intake of REFINED grains: Acne, addiction to
drugs including caffeine and alcohol, anxiety, behavior
problems, binge eating, bloating, bone loss, Candidiasis,
depression, difficulty concentrating, eczema, edema,
emotional problems, fatigue, food cravings, hormonal
problems, hyperactivity, insomnia, mental illness, mood
swings, premature aging, psoriasis, and the list goes on
and on.


Almost every negative influence REFINED sugar has upon the
body, REFINED GRAINS offer an equally negative influence.
If we want to have a strong healthy body, free of physical
problems, we MUST eliminate not only REFINED sugars from
our diet, but also REFINED GRAINS!


July 11, 2008

We continue our study on Grains with some more of the article from last week’s health tip by George Malkamus, founder and owner of Hallelujah Acres.


Sadly, studies reveal a strong link between juvenile and
adult criminal offenses not only to REFINED sugar, but also
REFINED grains. Similar research reveals a link between
mental illness and sugar derived from these REFINED

Hypoglycemic reactions, for the very sensitive consumer,
promote extreme irrationality, emotional instability, and
often times aggressiveness. Recent studies reveal that
sugar, coming from both REFINED sugars and REFINED grains,
may be as involved in mental illness, divorce, and crime as
alcohol has been found to be.

These REFINED grains and sugars, also play a significant
roll in the bad behavior of children. This bad behavior
often leads to a child being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.
And the doctor, rather than telling the parent they need to
remove the cause of the child’s problem (REFINED sugars and
REFINED grains), prescribes a drug that can have
potentially devastating consequences.

Through the years, I have received some wonderful
testimonies from mothers reporting that after they removed
REFINED grains, along with REFINED sugar from their child’s
diet, and placed them on a basically raw plant-based diet,
the child became a totally different and well-behaved

Depression is also one of the most rapidly growing
problems in our society, and RIFINED sugars, along with
REFINED grains, are a major contributing factor!

Grains (especiall refined) are acidic and must be eaten sparingly

June 30, 2008

GRAIN DOES A BODY “BAD” (The Dangers of Refined Grains –
Part 3)

This week we are going to continue sharing the dangers of
refined grains, as well as the potential dangers of
consuming even too many whole grains:


The physical body we each possess was designed by God to
consume predominantly ALKALINE foods, and to maintain an
ALKALINE environment, for both health and survival. Some of
the reasons an alkaline environment is critical to our
health are: (1) In an alkaline environment disease has
great difficulty proliferating. (2) Bone structure is kept
strong. (3) The alkalinity of the blood must be maintained
in order to sustain our very life.

Thus, in order to maintain our health or to overcome
disease, protect our body from disease, maintain a sound
bone structure, and provide sufficient ALKALINITY within
the blood to sustain life, it is of vital importance that
our basic body chemistry be kept ALKALINE!

All foods consumed go through a digestive process where
the food is “burned,” leaving a resulting ash. This ash can
be either NEUTRAL, ACID, or ALKALINE, depending primarily
on the mineral composition of the food. Most foods of
animal origin are acidic and leave an ACID ash. Most fruits
and vegetables are ALKALINE, and leave an ALKALINE ash.
Most grains leave an ACID ash.

When too many ACID foods are consumed, with animal sourced
foods and soda pop, (as well as the consuming of too many
refined ACID grains), being the biggest culprits, the body
becomes ACIDIC. The blood especially, considers an ACID
environment so intolerable, that for survival purposes the
body seeks for a means of neutralizing all this ACIDITY.

The body makes every effort to maintain a pH in the blood
of approximately 7.4 on the pH scale, which is slightly
ALKALINE. On the pH scale, 7.0 is considered neutral, while
everything above 7.0 is ALKALINE, and everything below 7.0
is ACID.

The pH of the blood must be kept ALKALINE for survival! If
the pH of the blood becomes ACID, by dropping to a pH of
6.9 or lower, the body goes into a coma and dies.


In a normal healthy body, there is a very plentiful supply
of calcium, a mineral greatly used by the body for numerous
functions. Calcium is also a very ALKALIZING mineral, and
is found in greatest supply in the bones. When the blood
finds its pH tending ACID (dropping below 7.4 on the pH
scale), the result of consuming too many ACID foods, the
body automatically, and in an effort to maintain and
sustain life, seeks to neutralize that ACIDITY.

Since calcium is a very ALKALIZING mineral, the body will
start drawing calcium from the bones in an effort to
neutralize the ACIDITY. As the ACIDITY of the body
increases, ever increasing amounts of calcium are removed
from the bones to neutralize the ACIDITY.

This removal of calcium from the bones produces what the
medical community calls “Low Bone Density”, or
“Osteoporosis,” resulting in an ever-increasing risk of
bone fracture. Thus it is imperative that we maintain a
good supply of plant source calcium within the body, so
that we can keep our bone structure strong and resistant to
fracture. Calcium supplementation will not do the job, but
can be accomplished by making sure that the foods we eat
contain a proper ratio between ALKALINE and ACID.


The ideal ratio of ALKALINE to ACID is approximately 4 TO
1 – that is four parts (80%) ALKALINE to one part (20%)
ACID. When this ratio is maintained, the body has strong
resistance to disease as well as bone fractures, but when
the diet is overly ACID, disease resistance diminishes, and
bone density decreases.

To overcome disease and low bone density, the greater the
amount of ALKALIZING foods in the diet, the faster the
recovery! ALKALIZING foods neutralize the ACID, strengthen
the immune system, while rebuilding and strengthening the

The Hallelujah Acres Diet is primarily a raw ALKALINE
diet, which produces and maintains an ALKALINE environment
within the body! Some of the most ALKALIZING foods in The
Hallelujah Acres Diet are BarleyMax, carrot juice, and the
abundance of green vegetables the diet contains. These raw
and ALKALIZING foods build up a healthy reserve of ALKALINE
minerals, especially calcium, which are ready on demand to
neutralize any excess ACIDITY, when too many ACID foods are

When the ratio of 4 to 1, ALKALINE to ACID drops to just 3
to 1, health can be seriously challenged! Unbelievably, the
average person of today, on the typical SAD meat based,
highly ACID diet, is consuming a diet that may have a ratio
as low as a 1 to 4, ALKALINE to ACID, or even lower.

The human physical body can only function properly, and
sustain health and a sound bone structure that is resistant
to disease and fracture, when there are adequate ALKALINE
reserves, and the ACID to ALKALINE ratio in the body’s
blood are in proper balance.

Below are tables of common foods, grouped into both ALKALI-


Alfalfa Grass Apple
Barley Grass Apricot
Wheat Grass Banana
Spinach Cantaloupe
Kale Dates
Collard Greens Figs
Lettuce Peaches
Broccoli Grapes
Cauliflower Raisins
Cabbage Watermelon
Carrot Almonds
Beet Brazil Nuts
Celery Coconut
Cucumber Millet


Beef Wheat & most grains
Chicken Rice
Pork Lentils
Veal Most Nuts (except almonds)
Eggs Coffee: pH 4
Milk Beer: pH 2.5
Cheese Coca-Cola: pH 2

From the chart above, you can readily see that most grains
are ACID forming, with the exception of millet and
buckwheat, which are considered ALKALINE. You can also see
that wheat is a highly ACIDIC grain, the grain that is
consumed in greatest quantity in our society, and
especially in its refined form. Sprouted seeds and whole
grains become more ALKALINE in the process of sprouting.

Almost all vegetable and grass juices are HIGHLY ALKALINE!
The most ALKALINE juices are the juices from grasses
(BarleyMax), green vegetables, and spinach, along with
carrots, beets (especially beet tops), and celery. On The
Hallelujah Acres Diet, the abundance of juices and the
abundance of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, helps
the body maintain a predominantly ALKALINE environment,
while the cooked whole grains, seeds and nuts, provide the
20% ACID foods needed to maintain the desired 4 to 1 ratio


If we want to sustain life, maintain our health and keep a
sound bone structure, or recover from health challenges and
low bone density, it is imperative that we nourish our body
with a predominantly raw ALKALINE plant sourced diet, a
diet with a ratio of approximately 80/20, ALKALINE to ACID,
being the ideal.

The Hallelujah Acres diet also provides a ratio that is
approximately 85% raw and 15% cooked. Almost all of the raw
fruits and vegetables are ALKALINE, while allowing 15% of
the diet to be in the cooked form. This cooked portion
includes some ACID foods, especially in the form of cooked
whole grains, and raw seeds and nuts.

Thus the Hallelujah Acres diet, because of the highly
ALKALIZING foods with which it is comprised, keeps the
bones and immune system strong, while helping a person
recover from health challenges and low bone density. But
most important of all, is that on The Hallelujah Acres Diet
the pH of the blood is easily kept in a healthy, life
sustaining, ALKALINE state.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The use of pH strips to determine the
ACIDITY or ALKALINITY of saliva and/or urine are basically
worthless and can be the cause of unnecessary concern. The
pH of both urine and saliva can vary from ACID to ALKALINE
depending on time of day, foods consumed, and other
factors, and thus using pH strips to determine ACIDITY or
ALKALINITY are an unreliable means of determining physical
problems or even body pH.
(by George Malkumus, Founder of Hallelujah Acres)