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Laquita’s Raw Butternut Squash Soup

April 25, 2008

This week’s recipe was sent in by Laquita, who lives in
Lenoir City, Tennessee. She writes: “A delicious raw soup

4 cups fresh orange juice
1 fresh mango peeled and chopped
4 cups peeled, chopped, butternut squash
8 dates pitted and chopped
1/2 teaspoon curry

Blend 1/2 of each ingredient till smooth. Blend remaining
half till smooth. Stir batches together, place in
individual serving bowls, garnish with raw slices of banana
and mint. Serve & ENJOY!



Lighten up with a Cleanse (Part III)

April 24, 2008

How you’ll Take Your Fiber Cleanse

When the choice is made to start The Healthy Dancer’s Diet, Fiber Cleanse is recommended from day one.  This product will be taken for about the first three months on the diet change.  If taking the capsule form, start with four pills and gradually move up to eight pills per day.  The best time to take Fiber Cleanse half an hour after the first carrot juice of the morning.
An explanation of why breakfast is not eaten on The Dancer’s Diet, will help the understanding of a fiber based cleanse.  From a few hours before we retire for the night until the following day around noon, the body is in a naturally cleansing state.  It is recommended that no food is eaten as it will only hinder this process because the body will have to use more energy to digest and separate more food.  This is why juices are used for our morning nutrients because they do not contain any fiber.
A serving of Fiber cleanse will aid the body in completing this process as it is only pure fiber that can go directly into the digestive track and push out all that remains.  Once the initial three months of fiber cleanse is completed, it is recommended that organic flax seed take it’s place.

Lighten up with a Cleanse (Part II)

April 23, 2008

Fiber cleanse literally scrapes the walls of the intestines of a colon as it goes through the system and out the bowels.  The body does the same thing with vegetables and fruit by separating the juice from the fiber and keeping the nutrient rich juice and getting rid of the fiber.  So why to we want more fiber?
The ingredients, such as flax seed, in Fiber Cleanse are rougher than naturally occurring fibers in fruits and vegetables and therefore can scrape the waste that has been building up. As the digestive track gets clearer, the more effective the body can eliminate waste.  Here is a motto that puts it all together. “A healthy colon is healthy body.”
We can eat all the good foods we want but if we are not doing anything to cleanse our colon then the food will just sit block our system up.  This is the major contributor to most bowel related conditions such as Chrome’s, irritable bowel, and a host of others including removing lengths of the digestive tract. This can be very painful but the body feels incredible release and lightness after adopting cleansing into the diet.  Furthermore, weight is lost as a result of years of waste finally exiting the body.  This truly is one of  the most amazing feeling one experiences on The Healthy Dancer’s Diet.

Dangers of Refined Grains

April 15, 2008

It is a healthy suggestion to switch to eating  whole grains as opposed to refined grains found in white breads, pastas, rice, and cereals.  Whole grains  are raw in their whole form.  We see more of what are called “refined grains” in grocery stores today like white and whole wheat breads.
We have already discussed fiberless, acidic, and dead foods in previous lessons.  Refined grains are also part of this group so focus will be put on explaining other issues of what refined grains do in the body.  One of these being that grains in their refined form are highly starchy and cause mucus formation.  Reducing the amount of grains in the diet can help us stay away from learning disorders, schizophrenia as well as asthma, allergies, gluten intolerance, digestive disturbances, yeast infections, various mucus and congestive conditions, several types of arthritis,  chronic overeating, Candida, and the ability to loose weight.  Again similar to animal products and sugar, refined grains cause emotional instability, blood sugar disorders, and suppressed immunes systems.
If loosing weight a goal, staying away from refined grains would be a big help. Refined grains are addictive and therefore lead to overeating. This happens because of the addictive nature as discussed in sugar and also because there are very little nutrients in the grains.  The body may feel hunger shortly after eating bread or pasta because it’s nutritional level is wanting more satisfaction. This causes us to overeating which can be seen in the ever increasing obesity in the country.
In order to gain energy and loose weight the dancer’s diet uses whole grains instead of refined grains.  Refined grains have lead to the following diseases in the body: acne, addiction to drugs and caffeine, alcoholism, allergies, anxiety, behavior problems, binge eating, bloating, bone loss, Candidiasis, depression, difficulty concentrating, eczema, edema, emotional problems, fatigue, food cravings,
hormonal problems, hyperactivity, insomnia, menstrual difficulties, mental illness, mood swings, premature aging, psoriasis, and the list goes on and on.

Dangers of Animal Foods (Part III)

March 27, 2008

In order to keep a chicken, for example, safe from disease, antibiotics are pumped into it’s system.  These are then transferred to human bodies and can explain Candida and yeast infection problems. Furthermore, our immune system is affected and has more difficulty in performing properly.
In addition to antibiotics, growth hormones are also injected into animals such as chicken in order to promote accelerated growth. The faster they grow, the more farmers can sell.  Our bodies are the victim of this money making drug and proof of this can be seen through early puberty in young ladies.  Before WW II the average age of puberty was 15 and now is closer to 10 or even 8 years of age. Also, young people are becoming taller , bigger and some girls are developing huge breasts and young ages.  All due to growth hormones passed from our milk and meat into our bodies.
If more proof is needed for conviction on this matter, here is a list of diseases which are related to eating a diet full of animal products: heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, numerous cancers (especially breast and prostate), diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins, sinus problems, cardiovascular
problems, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, acid stomach problems, gout, constipation, bad breath, congestion, indigestion, phlegm, PMS, menopausal problems, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, colon cancer, and more. All of these diseases have been known to lessen and even disappear when animal products are removed from the diet. The importance of removing animal foods from the diet cannot be stresses enough. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!

Dangers of Animal Products (Part II)

March 26, 2008

Our bodies must be kept in proper acidic balance for the environment to stay in a state that will defend against sickness. Animal products are highly acidic causing the environment of our body to become a breading ground for disease. This is also the main cause of much stomach-pain related problems.  Cancerous and toxic cells grow in an acidic environment.  A goal can be to consume products which promote an alkaline environment in our bodies where disease cannot survive.
Another huge problem is that animal products are loaded with animal fat. This fat enters our bodies and  clogs arteries and blocks passageways.  Animal fat is known to be the cause of cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure. Diabetes is also caused by animal fats because it covers cells that block insulin from getting to the receptors. The body must look other places for insulin thus causing an overload and breakdown in other organs.  Once animal products are removed from the diet high blood pressure, and cholesterol are lowered and most type 2 diabetics can stop using insulin.
Protein brings up many issues with a vegan diet. It is more important to consider the source of protein rather than the quantity.  Animal sources provide much more protein than is necessary in level and promote the growth of cancerous cells.  The body does need protein but sufficient amounts can be found in this raw vegan diet. In fact this diet is what gives the animals that we get our protein from all the protein that they need to grow into huge creatures. Look at elephants, cows, giraffes and see what they eat.  People who have been on a vegan diet for many years rarely ever show signs of deficiency in protein.  The quality  of animal does not matter either. An free-range organic chicken is still just as dangerous and not recommended to consume.

The Healthy Dancer’s Diet: A day in the Life

March 24, 2008

So here we go;  The Healthy Dancer’s Diet .  Let’s walk through the typical day in the life of a healthy dancer.  Upon waking up we will drink at least one cup of water and about half an hour later have our first serving of Barley Max.  This is breakfast. We will delve into the reason why adults do not eat breakfast in our Cleansing Lesson.  This serving of Barley Max is often compared to and will now replace that coffee in the morning to wake you up.  You will soon see why this is true and you will not experience the coffee withdrawl.
As a mid-morning snack we will have our first serving of carrot/veggie juice.  Freshly extracted veggie juices will last for about three days in a eight ounce glass jelly jars which can be purchased at your local WalMart or the like. This juice will then last us until lunch time. If hunger creeps up before lunch a piece of juicy fruit (preferably organic) can be consumed.
Half an hour before lunch have a second serving of Barley Max. Half an hour is the recommended wait time before eating lunch as it gives the barley time to work through your system without any interruptions.  Lunch will consist of either a fresh fruit or vegetable salad. Eat as much as desired until satisfied.  Some will have a few fruits such as a peach and a nectarine or a bunch of strawberries  instead of a mixed salad.  It is important not to only have one cooked serving of food per day. That can either be consumed now or at dinner. The cooked portion contains foods natural foods such as brown or whole grain rice, pasta, or bread, baked potato, yams, and all varieties of veggies. This is a chance to be creative and more ideas can be found in the various recipes and charts in this course.
The second serving of carrot juice will be consumed  mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner.  Again half an hour before dinner we will have our third barley max. This is followed by a large vegetable salad. Start with dark leafy greens or spinach (NOT head lettuce) and then add a variety of your favorite veggies. Feel free to make or buy an organic natural dressing to add on top.  You may have your cooked portion at this meal if you have not already at lunch. The only exception to having two cooked meals a day is if you are loosing too much weight and need to eat more calories.
After dinner small portions of natural desserts may be consumed but that is all until tomorrow. If hunger arises at night a juicy fruit like an apple or pear may eaten. That’s The Healthy Dancer’s Diet. Managing  your diet will give you the body and goals you desire.
Note: The Healthy Dancer’s Diet as stated above is for those individuals who are not fighting a life threatening disease or ailment such as cancer or diabetes.  For an individual trying to survive such an illness, the servings of veggie juice and Barley Max must be increased.  Instead of having two and three of juices, six servings of each must be consumed. This will give the immune system the strength it needs to fight the disease.
Every individual is different and has different needs. This diet will be your guideline but feel free to discuss ideas a changes with this editor through email or comments on the blog.

Staple on The Healthy Dancer’s Diet

March 23, 2008

Before we get to an example of a how a day on a healthy dancer’s diet looks, a description of some unique products is required. The first and most important of these is Barley Max.  Barley Max is one of, if not, the most crucial addition to the diet as it gives the widest spectrum of nutrients from a single plant source.
Barley Max is dehydrated leaves from baby organic barley plants.  The crop is grown and harvested at a high elevation in the Rocky Mountains.  Barley goes through a similar process as seen when juicing wheatgrass and then it is dehydrated at a  low temperature in order to save all the living enzymes.  Alfalfa sprout juice is also added to the product and it becomes a very nutritious boost of health.
This product is taken three times a day. One for breakfast and then half an hour before both lunch and dinner.  It will replace breakfast for adults and will provide enough nutrients to keep you full as if you had a breakfast. More about breakfast will be discussed in future blogs.
Barley Max is best taken by mixing one teaspoon of the powder into a maximum of four ounces of water. This must be mixed in our mixer or a water bottle that can be closed and shaken. Contact me  to order your first container of barley for only sixty cents per day (much less than a cup of coffee.) It is available in one or two month supplies.